Wedding Photos Of The World View From Above

Drone Photo Awards 2021 International Photo Contest Dedicated to the single photo category, 'Wedding' theme to award for the machine hands. Here, ideas, sweet moments of couples were taken from a high perspective, and was made with unmanned devices. Wedding photos taken into a late summer afternoon in the sea of Italia. The photo was taken in the flowering garden, an ideal place for these couple photos took a wedding photograph on a bride-old plane that was very brave to get a photo on a body Tree in the lake The golf course is also a very interesting place to get a wedding photo to make a wedding dress with the same color of a frozen waterfall with a weddings to walk around the clear blue pool, towards the counter Reception, where guests are waiting. Meeting about festivating photos with parents 2 inside the trendless costumes from the sea by unmanned equipment in Scilla and the dear Calabria coastal village to take place In Corona, you have to do any time, you can get a romantic image like a impressive moment taken with unmanned device Once when the wedding of the bride is as cheap as "paste" on the cliff, the idea cannot be better for a wedding photo taken at the heart forest in Taiwan, China


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