Wedding Students Who Are Wife And Nam Director Choking Their Own Because Of The Conflict Of The Bride-in-law

The Public Director of the Director also revealed the story of 'upper life' in his family at the Decoding Tri Tim.00: 00/4: 04 nam 0000: 00/08: 28Span Video: Couple director Nhan.Diddess in the family: "My wife fixes electricity, water pipes, roofs, water tanks ..

. and I go to the market" Candumer is known as a director of many big shows, he is also one In the pillars of the 5B Drama Theater. Famous as a fastidious teacher but in his family took a completely different role. His wife - Hai Thuan, is a friend trijiang with him during the past time
In the newly broadcast, Director of the Director and Ms. Hai Thuan Commune has made interesting sharing about Live your marriage. He revealed in the family, I took on the role of being a wife as a market and the commune did the work of a husband. Duty Director and Hai Thuan wife on television.Chia shared with MC Liu Ha Tram Main performances, for the first time when you meet your wife, your impression then about the lady is a slender girl who seems very weak but after a period of exposure he unexpectedly knows the truth she is one Powerful people.Theo male director shared, Bubs of Hai Thuan commune are his students at the cinema stage school, she is actively pursuing him, but actually male directors have feelings With the commune. Both stems and feelings of each other. But when the director confides with his colleagues, everyone advises that the couple should not work together, especially both teachers: "I told her, You give me a week to decide, one is back to the teacher's relationship, two are you coming together. I said in the morning, but in the afternoon she decided to always ".Nam directed once binding the teaching teacher
Since that time, Hai Thuan gave up not to be an actor but accepted back to the post Phuong for her husband. This is also something that male directors feel grateful when his wife gives up his career just because of him. About the part of Hai Thuan - the wife of the director and the righteously said he had never regretted the decision to take the director: "he gave me a feeling of peace of mind when staying with, the man is very responsible Division for me or for your child or a large family of foreign families ". is a fastidious person when in the movie but surprisingly, in the" head-in-mind "director of the director In contrast to the British family compared to the majority of other families: "My wife can do the things that men do I don't do it, don't do it for electricity, repair, repair the roof, repair the roof, water tank ... And I went to the market, "South director shared. Difficult director to take on the role of" wife "in the house. I want to clean up only because of the mother-in-law conflict, must go in thanks At the program, the director of the main directors revealed about the couple who left the house with her parents, decided to stay separately because of the conflicts of mother-in-law. At that time, he and his wife still had no property in his hands, male directors shared: "The day I left me was very sad, something choked but I kept it in my heart ...." The director to remember: "That night goes out, I have to go to a strange place, the house is not your home but a house of a fan for me to stay." He also added that if there was no one day, there would be no ten years later after the couple strive to get the property as now. The Society of Society of Society accepts every feeling choked in separately because Conflict Mother-in-law of the bride. With the question "The nearest sweet thing you feel from you?", Hairy Humorous Hai Thuan said: "When you go back to the show, hold the money to throw the beach, done The couple died, knocked on the body to remove the cabinet, "the moment according to her is very sweet, causing MC Liu Ha Linh suddenly laughs and also nodded agree.Rieng in the" Opening angle " Heavenly mind and mindfulness is so hot, so many times to make decisions to bring feelings, ignore the problems that need full cycle, this sometimes affects the couple's life. The acting said that sometimes the husband was a little hot. Finally, the director of the mind took things he always tried to keep in his heart, but when he came to the show, he was spoken comfortably in the section " Thank you and apologize. "He caught his wife:" He thanked me because he came to his life, brought him the sweetest emotions, we have two very beautiful children, I'm always beside you in any difficult circumstances. " The verbal sentence is very simple by the righteousness, causing a strong wife like a shy, emotional wife, moving. Hai Thuan is moved by her husband's casual words. I also said that even if you have a wife Swap, he was weak, but it was so they could complement each other, accepted each other, pointing to how to get a happy and happy home with what he had. Director General affirms what he

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