Western Failed When Trying Putin In The Black Sea

The case he brought the HMS Defender warships to Crimea's waters forced Russia to act, which shows the effort to provoke the Failure of the West. The National Interest of the US recently has a commentary of the author Dominick Sansone, studying at birth Luxury International Research School of Johns Hopkins University in Bologna, Italy An assessment of Western tactics in the Russian "trial" in the Black Sea in June. The British Navy HMS Defender. HMS Defender warships into the Crimea waters forced Russia to respond to many event versions. In Russia, Moscow affirmed that the British ship went deep into the Crimea 3km and forced Russia to shoot warnings

. At the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson denied: There was no warning shot. HMS Defender simply made a scheduled trip through Ukraine's territorial terraces "in accordance with international laws". The foster of the article said that even though he did not acknowledge the Russians merged Crimea Peninsula and could Currently, international solidarity with Ukraine is nothing
But Russia is forced to act when a British warship, a NATO member, go into the territory they consider to be their waters from the history of Russia. Dominick Sansone false has led the explanation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In this case, it is a coordination between NATO members, here that both America and England, have shown spying, provocative actions for Russia. On the same day the British warship to the Crimea, a US aircraft also appeared. Putin continued to declare that the main goal when the British ship was to determine military information from Russia's port in Crimea . According to the Kremlin, the incident for many weeks showed the Western ambition in ignoring international law and moving military bases near the Russian border. The HMS guards passing through the Crimea sea is considered a direct effort to weaken the spirit of the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden in Geneva, Switzerland on 16 / 6.For to Mr. Putin, the most alarming aspect of HMS Defender incident is not the press secretary of the Pentagon John Kirby rejected the information that the Russians fired warned British warships but the movements of the West When Russia approved to back a step. It confirmed to shoot warning warships
Memorial earlier this year, Russia has conducted a ranging military exercise in its territory, the border with Ukraine. At that time, Western countries continued to express concerns and Russians many times to explain they were just exercising the military in his territory while NATO was bustling to exercise immediately close to Russia. , Russia has promoted the meeting directly with the new government of President Joe Biden, showing the cautious cooling steps in the context that still understood the unprecedented punishment from Washington. But then the actions removed The Putin's step received the provocation of the American allies that was definitely Washington jerking the wire to the warship to the Black Sea, exploration and provocation of Russian.Moscow constantly reminded with the West. , Russia considers the Ukraine joining NATO is unacceptable in terms of strategic and bothering with the concept of becoming a Western outpost at the border with Russia. To show their determination when Facing this aggressive action, Russia has conducted military exercises in the Black Sea on July 3, in which aircraft ch Fighting to bombing enemy ship bombs. Questioned is: The West gains a strategic advantage from this provocative sports style? Some views said that it is to strengthen military relations of NATO with Ukraine and showing their commitment to Kiev as an ally. However, the West does not need to emphasize the Russian merging Crimea to avoid unnecessary discretion for Moscow and yes Risk of military confrontation. Washington can continue to support the path to democracy for a long aspiring country but the reality is forcing the US to consider this based on both historical and geographic reality: Moscow will not accept the Ukraine Joining NATO and the more you try to do that, it will be possible to recognize the consequences. Another aspect of this case is the government on the Crimea Peninsula that supports Putin's government. The author said that the fact that he moved inside the Crimea dispatched territorial waters is definitely a provocative action for this peninsula but even under the government's government will be obstructed. Thus, even Crimea doesn't feel sorry about Western spy, Russian provocation. In that time, he himself needs to see that the provocative action in the Black Sea is located Outside the national interests of your own or in any other NATO country. This type of behavior is at risk of bankruptcy when the coalition led by the United States may lose face. When each side of Russia and the West gradually surpassed the boundary, the withdrawal became more difficult because of the consequences is causing damage

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