Western Hesitating Aid For Afghanistan, Opportunities To Fall Into China And Pakistan

In the context of international donors will meet in Geneva, Switzerland on September 13 to discuss humanitarian relief for Afghanistan under the current Taliban regime, neighboring countries like China and Pakistan have begun Action and discussing the support in the future.0: 00/4: 04 Southern national experts, the Afghan economy is currently falling into the crisis and a humanitarian crisis is also existing. However, the US and Western countries have not yet been provided to the Taliban funds until this force ensures to protect human rights, especially the rights of women. Reserve money worth about $ 10 billion Afghanistan abroad is also being freezing. China and Pakistan began aid for Afghanistan and discussed future support

. Photo: Reuters "Can understand their purpose is to prevent the Taliban government from accessing this source of money. However, it also follows the inevitable effects as serious economic recession, pushing millions of people in poverty, hunger and from there can lead to a refugee wave running away from Afghanistan, actually making Afghanistan was pushed back many generations, "said Deborah Lyons, the envoy for Afghanistan of the United Nations Secretary-General said. Increasing the influence of China and Pakistan, the US and Western delaying aid can also Making Afghanistan shaking hands with neighboring countries and allies close to Pakistan and China - countries who have many aid cargo flights to Afghanistan
Both countries also signaled to open up cooperation. China last week announced it would send $ 31 million to Afghanistan's food and health aid to Afghanistan. This is one of the first foreign aid commitments since the power control Taliban in August.Pakistan last week also sent aid goods such as cooking oil and medicine for the government in Kabul, while the Secretary of State Pakitsan called on the International Community of Unconditional Aid and "Rubbing" the properties of Afghanistan.Pakistan has a profound relationship with the Taliban and accused of supporting the Taliban when this force against the Government is the US Supporting in Kabul for the past 20 years. However, Islamabad denied this allegation. China, with strong alliance relations with Pakistan, is also relevant to the Taliban. Some analysts believe that China pays attention to the abundant mineral source of Afghanistan, especially lithium reserves - an important component in manufacturing electric vehicles. China is concerned about the rebels from Afghanistan It is possible to overflow across the border and Beijing want the Taliban to prevent these groups. Following humanitarian aid, some regional experts and officials said that China's belt and road initiative (Bri) Can bring Afghanistan long-term economy independence
It is likely that Afghanistan participates in the Chinese Economic Corridor Pakistan (CPEC), the central part of Bri, whereby Beijing is committed to investing more than 60 billion USD on infrastructure projects in Pakistan, mostly in the form of loans. "The Taliban will be interested in Joining CPEC, China is also very excited about this," said Rustam Shah Mohmand, former Ambassador Pakistan in Afghanistan said. China has not given any comments about Bri but the Foreign Minister said Beijing is ready to go N actively restore the freight railway route - Afghanistan, and facilitate Afghanistan integration with the outside world, especially access to humanitarian aid sources. Afghan function is involved The Chinese Economic Corridor-Pakistan in the past weeks, Taliban leaders said they wanted to have a good relationship with China. A Taliban senior source said that discussions with China on potential investment opportunities took place in Doha. China is particularly interested in mining in Afghanistan. "The Taliban welcomed foreign investments that benefited the country," said the spokesman. The source in Afghanistan and Pakistan said, China Has actively encouraged Afghanistan to participate in CPEC for many years but only received unsuccessful response from the government backed by the US before. Taliban, currently in need of international recognition as well as dynamics Economic force is very interested in this. "The best way in the future and available options for the economic development of Afghanistan is CPEC. The new government in Kabul can easily receive this and they are interested in it, "said Mushahid Hussain Sayed, a Pakistan Senator and former President of the Chinese Institute-Pakitsan ./. Hoang Pham / VOV .Vn (translation) According to Reuters

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