What Are Russia’s Nuclear Force Superior To The Us?

In the past decade, Russia has achieved a number of breakthroughs in developing nuclear weapons and a significant US before in some areas.Nga and the US ensure equalization of the number of weapons of war weapons Comb has different structures. However, American leaders are extremely worried about lag behind Russia in the field of manufacturing missile defense combinations. At some point, the US has underestimated Russia's military potential and Excessive spending for armed conflicts (mainly in Afghanistan and Iraq), which require about 100 billion USD per year. After the US military withdrew from Afghanistan and significantly reduced numbers in Iraq, the situation was beginning to change

. The first Russian Sarmat missile delegation will join the strategic missile force in 2022. (Photo: Sputnik) In the US defense budget for the fiscal year of 2022, it is expected to allocate significant funds for the development of new weapons, including strategic weapons. New developments in Russian experts have built Out strategic rocket system RS-28 Sarmat
Rocket launcher based on silo standing with cross-continental ballistic missiles (ICBM) will replace R-36M2 Voevoda missiles - the world's most powerful missile type has been operating since the 1970.rs-28 Sarmat is Russia's most modern ICBM system. The rocket weighs 208 tons, a range of 18,000 km, enough to carry the warheads weighs 10 tons. With complex flight speeds and journeys, Sarmat is capable of puncturing all missile defense systems.icbm Sarmat can fly according to unpredictable routes and overcome missile defense areas. It can fly through the Arctic and Antarctica and reach the target from the directions not expected to intercept. Need to note that the first production samples of the Sarmat missile combination will begin to be included in the division Rocket of strategic rocket force played in Uzhur town, Krasnoyarsk in 2022. This will almost eliminate every US efforts to intercept ICBM. For Russia's naval strategic nuclear force, The development of a multi-purpose Poseidon nuclear torpedo crossing ocean, based on the use of underwater unmanned vehicles with a nuclear power plant is extremely important. Unlimited realistic resources This way in the underwater allows them to destroy the aircraft carrier and the enemy naval attack groups in any direction, as well as attack coastal infrastructure in the intercontinental range
In this case, the movement speed of a nuclear warhead device can reach 200 km / h.Trong then, for the air force of the Russian strategic nuclear force, the cruise missiles history Using the Bourestnik nuclear engine is being developed, there is almost unlimited range, which is seen as a weapon capable of "changing the game" .Burestnik will also be equipped with nuclear warheads. Although the movement speed is substanties, this cruise rocket will be able to pass the interceptor barrier of the opponent's defense and air defense system. Address this problem, Pentagon and main The US right in general found that she was being criticized in the United States. However, the United States will not be able to quickly fix the imbalance of nuclear force with Russia, because creating similar systems does not only require significant financial resources but also the time. Horizontal by comparing the current status of Russian and American strategic nuclear forces, overall the equivalent equivalent of the amount reflected in the new Strategic Strategic Attack Creasing Treaty (New Start) in 2010. The launch of ICBM Sarmat test was carried out at Plesetsk Space Airport, Arkhangelsk Region. (Photo: Sputnik) However, Washington relies heavily on the naval component of strategic nuclear forces, has a significant advantage of the number of nuclear ballistic missiles (SSBN) and ballistic missiles Zoom from the submarine (SLBM) on them. Other, Moscow depends on the strategic missile force with both fixed and mobile forces. While, the US strategic nuclear force lacks in the structure of the strategic nuclear force. Russia offers a request against the US for assuming that exceeding the ceiling specified in the treaty for strategic means Deployed and not implemented. Russian diplomacy said that as of May 2021, such excess amounts were 56 launchers of ballistic missiles launched from Trident-II and 41 throw-drawns B-52N heavy bomb. However, the US declared that these weapons are not suitable for use in the official data fighting, Russia's strategic nuclear force consists of 768 transcontinental ballistic missile launchers, missiles Bullets from submarines and heavy bombers have been deployed and do not deploy, and the US is 800. However, US data does not take into account the above weapons, this shows the US ability over the ceiling for 101 strategic nuclear means. heavy already

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