What Are The Benefits Of Digital Money Issued By The Central Bank?

The State Bank of Vietnam is being assigned to pilot virtual money. Accordingly, Vietnam may soon catch the rhythm with the development trend of digital currency issued by the Central Bank (CBDC) 200: 00/3: 29 narra names illustration. Source: Internet Central Bank (NHTW) often released 2 types of debt: Physical banks and electronic banks deposits, also known as reserves or payment balances. Coming with banks, rights Access to commercial banks is often limited to eligible financial institutions operating in a large value payment system. These money transfers correspond to almost all non-cash transactions in the economy

. And because these electronic transfers are in the debts of the NHTW through the bank account on the banks of the NHTW, they are almost no risk and cannot be recovered. Accordingly, the future of "non-cash" economy is gradually shaping clearly. Some benefits when banks use electronic money issued by themselves as follows: First, ensure and meet demand Payment does not use cash to the public
What happens if NHTW wants to reduce the limit below to take effect on interest rates? Because banking paper can be kept as an alternative to financial instruments subject to interest rates, depositors and investors have many ways to avoid negative interest rates - finally by keeping money face (mcandrews, 2015; Witmer

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