What Are The Children, Are It True?

What is the flow of ancient texts and folk tales of Vietnamese people who are essential, do there exist in reality? The flow appears a lot in folk stories as well as the history of history Vietnamese people. The story of the squid dress: "Among the students of Chu Van An have two brothers and children. Listen to the sound of furniture, King Thuy also gives me up. On the day, two brothers came to the river bank, pouring up The flow in the water and on the ground, talking about it, gestures no different from the bare people ". Heaven drought, 2 of these students at the proposal of the teacher, arbitrarily causing rain against the law to save people, so it was crime to die

. "Their row of raw materials is the two couples, but heads of a place, one of them, throwing it into the post. Thread ". The Great King of Hai tells:" In Lam River near the salad, there is a huge flow
Every time there is a boat passing through, it often rolls itself into a severe waves to make the boat immersed; How many people who sink into the water do not escape their mouths. Because of the river, he is absent from the boat. The court is also hand. Finally the king is wrong to meet every domain, everyone is killed The hydrothermy will be in the cavall, "What are the songs? Stream streams have fish shrimp, so inviting each other to catch fish to eat, are often harmful to harm, come to the king. The king said: 'people in mountains are different from ethnic water species; Which other hates species, So they are harmful to them '. Then the king told everyone to take the ink drawing the water shape in him. Since then the flow doesn't seem to bite anymore ". Also Also Dai Viet Book to sign the entire letter, the part of the ceiling with a wrote:" Rebound again, the soldiers are in the abdomen, in the back and two thighs , called 'Thai Long' (Dragon Flower). Because the guests who trafficked the Vietnamese people tattooed the dragon-shaped dragon, the wind of the boat, the flow did not dare to break, so called Thai Long ". What is the flow
It is a unrealistic creature. This aquatic species in the visualism of the folk has a dragon but not the dragon. The flow is usually very large, horny like a dragon, a solid body, horrible strength, even Chi to the supernatural level. They live in large waters and can drown anyone or a boat. Many researchers believe that the flow is a fantasy creature "hybrid" and mythology Points of true creatures like crocodiles, snakes ..., bring them strength to properly support the hydrated. Because or their descendants, there is a spiritual strength. Theaters usually represent natural forces to harm people, but sometimes also help people like the situation Loading ink. In the story of Ba Be Lake, the flow is the incarnation of the god who wants to try the bare person to punish the dishonest people. This god turned into an old lady to begging ulcers to eat at the village's association but everyone scolded away, only two poor children of widowed food for food, sleeping. "The woman was just sleeping Thunder. The two mother and I looked into the darkness in the dark. This is not an eleven old eyebrow but a transaction is rolling with a pile of heaps, heads Putting on the ground ... The next morning, when the mother looked out, I didn't see all the communication. On, she was eager and was about to go away. " After presenting the two moms to save themselves, she thus turned into a large water from the ground to spray the whole village, causing the soil to fall, and the whole formed formation. The ground was turned into Ba Be Lake. Long - Thuong Luong also appeared in Chinese culture. Hoai Nam Publisher Copper: 'Kinh land has a person named African, told to be in the team, when going through the river (Yangzi), coming in the middle of the big wave river, there are two children with the ship to get the boat . The non-calm thing took the sword to jump into the River to fight with Giao Long, after a fierce battle of a non-tight thing in the past, the boat in the boat lived ". The Son Long in this book is described as" its skin There are seeds (thick pavement), the person for his mouth is the mouth of the sword ". Many other Chinese materials also tell stories to meet the River in the Yangtze River, so researchers said that" prototypes " This aquatic species is the famous Yangtze crocodile. Japanese

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