What Are The Large Electronic Transactions Around The Globe?

While the BitPanda trading floor strengthened its position in Europe and Coinbase became Wall Street financial giants, Binance tried to step by step reaching the capital markets that were "boycotted '. Illustration. Source: internet.bitpanda chemistry "unicorn" in Europe BitPanda electronic money transactions, born in 2014, based in Austria, has achieved its "unicorn" position with a valuation level of 1.2 billion dollars, within the Series B mobilization when it was up to 170 million USD in March

. Next is a series B extension worth 10 million euros in May. In this latest round, BitPanda has mobilized more 263 million USD, raising company valuation increased by more than 3 times before $ 4.7 billion
All led by Vallar Ventures led by Peter Thien. Other investors include Alan Howard and Redo Ventures, along with Leadblock Partners and Jump Capital also participating in the C.BitPanda series, said the company will use Series C capital to expand and grow internationally. At the same time will increase the number of employees and expand their business scale. Bitpanda spokesman expressed that: "Expansion and international growth is a top priority, to strengthen the status of Bitpanda in the current markets - such as in Spanish, French, Italy and Poland, along with that are penetrating new markets, such as the United Kingdom or the Middle and Eastern European markets ". Founder of Vallar Ventures, Andrew McCormack also emphasizes development. BitPanda's in the company's potential forecast of the company. Specifically, McCormack has shown that BitPanda has more than 1.2 million users in the first half of 2021, impressive net revenue growth and rental managing director Level world. Although competing at the global level with other electronic money exchanges, BitPanda has achieved this growth by implementing a more different approach, when only focusing on the market Europe, with offices and physical technology centers are scattered across 8 cities of Europe
These locations include Barcelona, Berlin, KR Akow, London, Madrid, Milan and Paris, in addition to the headquarters in Vienna. Also, BitPanda also allows about 3 million users to invest in precious metals and stocks. However, this feature is still in the testing phase and electronic money transactions is still a priority choice for the company's current users. The trading platform also expanded to B2B market in June, providing a platform that allows FINTECH companies and other banks to trade for their own customers. In an interview with CNBC, Dong Dong Founding Bitpanda and co-chief executive Eric Demuth shared: "The stock offering will probably be ready by the end of this year. After strengthening its popularity to new electronic users, new services will bring this platform to the environment with very successful stock trading applications such as Robinhood ". Large price, risk CaoTuong As Bitpanda, Coinbase Electronic Money Trading Floor is currently one of the largest trading floors in the world. Established in San Francisco in 2012, Coinbase allows people to buy and sell different digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ether and Altcoin. Since the official listing on the Nasdaq, Coinbase has become a financial giant in Wall Street. With a value of 86 billion USD market value, Coinbase also surpassed the value of the trading platform Securities that its stock will trade such as: Nasdaq market capitalization is US $ 26 billion, while Ice, NYSE's parent company, valued at $ 67 billion and the Goldman Sachs market value is 111 billion USD. However, Coinbase also has huge risks. Although a lot benefit from the price increase of electronic money in recent times, the company warned in the prospectus that: "All business activities are significantly dependent on electricity asset prices death and trading volume made on our platform ". According to the latest information, Coinbase has stored a worth of about $ 4 billion in cash to prepare for the volume of electronic money retail trading And the cost of operating is higher due to legal barriers, including compliance with new regulations given by the US legislature. COINBASE Financial Officer, Alesia Haas told the Wall Street Journal that, no There are any hazards for the trading floor or industry forced the trading floor to build their cash reserves, but it was best to prepare for the worst, when everything was fine. The company has conducted stressful tests to ensure that it can meet compliance costs, network attacks or trading decline can happen. "We want to ensure that, we Maintaining these cash reserves can continue to invest and continue to develop its products and services in case we enter the degradation season of electronic money, "Alesia Haas said. Other outstanding names in the electronic bill

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