What Are The Most Difficult Parents With The Most Difficult Parents?

Modern people today mostly believe that filially is the parents when their parents are sick or old. But the old people don't think that the filial is simply like that. "Hieu" is one of the most important virtues of humans, especially highlighting in oriental culture. From the past, "Trung , Hieu, Ceremony, Meaning "are always considered highly qualiferous songs. In the" hospitality "time, the time," Hieu "sublimates up at the level of Thien Ly:" Phu Hieu, Thien Chi Kinh, the destination Wildness, people explaining ", meaning" Hieu "is the common propaganda of Thien Dao turned, is the reason of the land to support all things, is the virtue that the person must have a certain person to practice

. Treatment of Thien Ha is also one of the core behaviors of the Holy King of the ancient times. Because of the past, people consider the family to constitute the society, the family of the head of the country The more like that. Hoa Thuan family will be in harmoneness
Hung Thinh family will be rich. The family is stable, the country will be like that. for so, from the past until now Do you want to teach people? It can start, but the first is "tu body", then "Qi Gia", finally the "national". TU MY HOUSE HOUSE NEW TO KEEP FAMILY TRANSFER, HUNG THUONG FAMILY and I can rule the country, from which Binh Dinh Thien Ha. The body is the root, but the body is indispensable "suicide". The story of Confucius is death that he asked him to be pure. Confucius said: "Today, many people believe that farming is hospitable. But even dogs, horses are also nurtured. If people do not show their respect to their parents, they raise their parents and raise horses other than each other. "Learn to learn and ask Confucius to Hieu
He said: "Always keep a face, a happy attitude with the new parents is the hardest. If you only help your parents work, how can it be called? "" Face "of children for parents including two meanings. One is when taking care of the parents, I must always keep the mild and fun. The two are despecting that parents have fun or not, the children still have to shine the glass, filial. This is really filial and the most difficult thing. If your parents love us, the fact that we are hospitable with parents is not difficult and many people can do. But if the parents are disgusted us, we still have a faithful congregation, which is in line with the anti-ancient Hospitality standards and this is not everyone can do it. of human. The filialers with parents are fetish, respectful. For the majority of people but speak, in the suffering, suffering because of the suffering for what is a long-term suffering for many years of life Best. So it is a child, need to "see parents who are myself in the future", certainly pay attention to live for the full word "Hieu", dedicated to taking care of their parents and smiling at them, don't let them By the time, "I want to know that my parents no longer", it will be extremely regretful. Trithucvn.org

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