What Billionaires Are Winning In The Race Into Space?

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson decided to put their huge money into pursuing a universe travel dream, creating a race into space. But who will really win this race? 0: 00/5: 06 NAMTURY NETWORKS TO ANNY TO ANY YOUR QUESTIONS, it's entirely dependent on how you look at the problem The universe has been established by three billionaires with different goals and vision to achieve success. Alle Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have called Bezos, Branson and Musk are three universe bosses for points Their similarity. They all build an industrial in other industries before arresting foot in the non-earth projects, in which Musk business in the field of online payment and electric cars, Bezos with online shopping platforms Amazon, and Branson with the business empire carrying the Virgin brand. And they all become the most typical faces in the race into the space of the 21st century

. Mark, they are not dead players Best in this game, they are hundreds of startups in the field of space. However, an advantage that companies like SPACEX Billionaire Elon Musk, Blue Origin of Jeff Bezos and Virgin billionaires of billionaire Richard Branson can be thanks to the partnership with NASA and US military.Lelon Musk
A race took place, the cosmic fans will choose to spacex of Elon Musk billionaire. SPACEX was founded in 2002 and has deployed missiles with thousands of satellites to the low orbit of the Earth to provide broadband Internet service for the globe. Besides, SPACEX has also developed a ship The universe to bring astronauts to successful international space stations. Currently SPACEX is researching to build a spacecraft to bring people on the moon and Fire Tinh.Tru Elon Musk and Starlink satellite beam project at that time, both Branson and Bezos's company did not bring astronauts Up to the orbit that only flies up to the edge of the universe, about 100 km away from the Earth's surface is about 100 km.spacex is considered a pioneer in the field of commercial space by breaking the record, making history and Completing things that experts in the spacecraft are not feasible. However, billionaire Elon Musk is the only one of the three billionaires in the field of space that has not traveled into the universe. Earlier, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson had flights into the successful universe.Jeff Bezos if a billionaire doesn't want to hurry to produce missiles into part of his brand, it's Bezos. He founded Blue Origin Space Company in 2000, six years after its founding Amazon
In many years, the company operates almost completely secret. But now, its goal has become quite clear: Bezos, the richest people in the world, eventually wanting to bring people to live and work on space to extend the life after the earth falls into a terrible Panic rare energy in the future. Jeff Bezos just flew into space and returned to success and he founded Blue Origin to develop missile technologies and spacecraft with cheaper prices, things Needed to create houses outside the earth. The company also planned a moon landing ship, working with NASA and other partners to set up a base on the moon.New Shepard, a completely automatic orbital missile, yes The reuse of Blue Origin is said to be the first step to create the moon landing trading technology. Currently the company is planning to build and develop New Shepard ships to be able to trade universe tourism under orbit, which can sell tickets to the rich people, want to find a strong feeling. , Blue Origin is still studying more ambitious technologies such as developing New Glenn, a large and strong rocket like Heavy Falcon, to carry goods and people to the universe. However, in this race, SPACEX has gained the advantage of getting some fatal contracts from the government to help finance such projects, including NASA's moon landing contract, which Blue Origin is currently competitive. Out, Amazon also announced a plan to create a low orbital satellite beam to provide global broadband internet connections like the starlink satellite beam of SPACEX.Richard Bransontuy, recently, Branson's competition And Bezos has become the focal point. Branson's Virgin Galactic company was established with the similar business plan like Bezos's Blue Origin that was e Good customers pay on super-bar flights to space edge. However technology to bring visitors to the space of these two companies far away from each other. Richard Branson completed the first flight into space in the battle between Branson and Bezos, Branson was somewhat dominated when the company His Virgin Galactic brought people to space during previous test flights, while all Blue Origin's test flights so far

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