What Circumstances Do People Grow The Fastest?

The more people who failed, the more it would know where to be missing and wrong to be able to remedy.02 / 6: 12 namcon men who had to undergo maturity in life. Some people are successful, there are also people who fail and of course, which depends on each person's recognition. How do you realize how grown up in the situation? Life buried and faced the loneliness to foul by the boss, the lover offered to break up with no reason, out was still hit a bucket of dirty water .

.. wanted the disadvantage to get a small body . At this point, you suddenly realized around there is no one for you to tell misery and share the same
Friends have their own life, family back in the remote homeland, alone Loay Hoay in a large urban area . Those are the moments that make you feel lonely to the extreme. You're gradually aware of the feeling that the disadvantaged loss comes from your favorability. Next, standing up or lying in a mud puddle Failed to be your own choice. Master is when you realize that people can only rely on themselves and live. Everyone has each way for themselves. Lo poison is a companion and catalyst for children to grow. No economic support from the parents to go to school, at the end of the money, you just need to call for your phone to have the phone Right spending money every month. But until graduation, you are required to take care of yourself. You have to outlide your own plans in the future
Find the person I love, find hobby, buy houses, vehicles, even marriage to your child, need to rely on yourself. You must force yourself to be constantly mature, if not You will be constantly developing the world and this rising price eliminates. It is also possible when it is no longer clinging to the economic support of your family, your thoughts finally aims to independence and decided to take the future. The fastest growing opportunity of a human. Louded in searching and creating the value of a person who kept on the spot because they were still inense and lost by the temptation around. Naturally, the more people still have to be looking for my own ego and do not know how to create a self-value value, the value of a person exists in the most normal things they achieve . The breakthrough in the capacity, success in his career, family-friendly, happy love ... Also contributed to personal value. Search value. The journey towards the value will contribute to help people grow up the fastest way. Between letting go and pull the past the number of people's regrets comes from a small family situation. Many people were taught by their parents to be strict, so they lacked their love, many people because they were difficult to familiar with their intelligence, many people became weak in advance to the oppression of people Around ... These regret things will accompany us grow up and sometimes become psychological implictions or interfering with us to grow up the right way. The person is easily lost and arises Negative hearts with bad things in the past. Instead of falling stupid, practice it in the calmest way, learn how to accept or definitely let go to find a new life. But knowing how to let go of the past is one of the manifestations of adults. Get the difference of herself and others cannot balance the schools that are like the starting line of each person. Here, most of us feel everyone is the same because of her teacher together, acquiring a kind of knowledge. By the time he was officially stepped out of society, someone could build a brilliant career in a few short years, also someone had almost no advancement. In fact, everyone is unlike Each other and have a certain difference from birth. Factors such as social status, economic conditions, innate abilities, surrounding environment ... are invisible to the distance between people and people. Only when you grow up, the more percepted More than the scope of the difference between himself with others. The feeling of being inferior to witnessing itself inferior to others is really scary. Identically, once you're too noticeable about the problem of losing between people with people, you still can't grow. When you identify the target of living, know how to satisfy with what you are, when you realize every human being has a separate life and cannot bring out to compare. Finally, mature is when you ignore that invisible differences to live and seek happiness for yourself.

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