What Did Neymar Say When Horrifying Injuries?

Neymar has spoken after the horrific injury he encountered in the PSG match against Saint Etienne 3-1 in the 15th round of Ligue 1 night 28/11.0: 00/1: 21 Nanneymar domains shocked when folded 90 degrees The Brazilian manner had a horrified injury in the 84th minute after the Macon's chain. Health workers entered the yard immediately and after 5 minutes of care, Neymar left the field on a dedicated stretcher.Neymar cried and had to leave the yard with a dedicated stretcher. The slow picture shows the standing foot of the former Barca star Folded 90 degrees, and I don't stop screaming in pain, then burst into tears

. Shock injury can make Neymar a long-term 'sitting on water' long-term. 'Unfortunately because of this injury is part of the player's life', Neymar wrote to Instagram. 'Now we have to raise their heads and continue
I will be back and stronger than older ".Video: Neymar sticks horrified injuries. The 29-year-old star has 3 times to take a break (a total of 9 matches) because of the injury and physical problem this season. Since moving to PSG in 2017, Average Neymar misses about 20 matches per season because of injury. Share about the latest school injury, Mauricio Pochettino strategist said Neymar 'very painful' How can I still have to wait for the medical examination results. The star carrying a painless number 10 leaves the field, which affects the psychology of teammates at PSG the remaining minutes. But the same team Paris still won Saint Etienne 3-1, thereby constructing Ligue 1 with 40 points, over 12 points compared to the second ranked team Rennes after 15 rounds.

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