What Did Vietnam Do To Manage Vaccine Against Covid-19?

In the context of a scarcity of Vaccine Covid-19 global supply, Vietnam needs to build a vaccine autonomy strategy is extremely urgent 9: 00/7: 33 south in the past months, Vietnam is Continue to support the fourth wave of Covid-19 Pandemic, with a number of cases of sudden increase and at the highest level since the pandemic appeared. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visited Vaccine Company Limited and Biological No. 1 (Vabaotech). Basic, not only Vietnam, which all countries around the world are deploying the campaign to vaccinate the whole population. Vaccine is the most effective "weapon", helping to finish epidemic, bringing life back to normal state and boosting economic recovery

. Establish the importance of the vaccine, right from the time of Covid- 19 The appearance in Vietnam and the State has made the right, timely and reasonable decisions and direction of the health sector to soon seek, access, negotiate and talk with manufacturers and partners. Developing, manufacturing and supplying Vaccine Rooms Covid-19 in the world. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently warned the worldwide vaccine supply, and will still be scarce
In fact, accessing this vaccine is also dependent on the world's epidemic situation and providers' capabilities. Although the Ministry of Health strives but from now until the end of the year can only enter a small amount, cannot have a mass-injection vaccine for the people. But "in the difficulty of peeing", these challenges are required Ask Vietnam needs to proactively autonomous vaccines, actively studying and manufacturing domestic vaccines. Vaccine self-owners will help Vietnam have the right to self-determine their fate. Last time, the Government directed 3 strategic plans to be very correct to have Covid-19 Vaccine including: buying vaccines, receiving transfer Technology and research and production of domestic vaccines. However, in the context of a scarcity of global vaccine supply, Vietnam successfully built a vaccine autonomy strategy is extremely urgent. June 26, when visiting and working with Technology Joint Stock Company Nanogen Pharmacy Biology in Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park - Nanocovax Research Unit, Production of Nanocovax Vaccine Prevention of C-19, Premier Pham Minh Chinh has stated, Vietnam's vaccine strategy includes the most vaccine purchase, fast possible; Accelerate technology transfer, research, production of domestic vaccines and the most effective and effective vaccine organization. In particular, the most important is how to get the vaccine. To get the vaccine must have access to multiple directions, but the production of vaccines in the country will help reduce the cost of transportation and most importantly we will win the refund The whole activity of the vaccine produced by Vietnam is the inheritance of technologies that have been studied and long-standing applications, so the product creates high safety and a relatively clear immune birth mechanism . With these positive movements, Vietnam hopes to become one of the early countries "to the destination" in the race to end the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as become a vaccine for the world
Now, Vietnam has 4 manufacturers who are studying Covid-19 Vaccine in different technological directions. Although each company has its own strengths and paths, it all aims to a common goal of bringing Vietnam to a country to actively source vaccines in the prevention of Covid-19.Nano Covax Joint Stock Company Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is the first unit of Vietnam Research Vaccine Prevent Covid-19 named Nano Covax based on recombinant DNA / protein technology, starting clinical trials from May 5/2020. This is also considered the most potential vaccine candidate in Vietnam. Vaccine Nano Covax has gone through two stages of the test and is conducting stage 3. According to the evaluation, Nano Covax has a very good immunity. However, new research is only moderately moderate, and needs to continue to expand the sample size on tens of thousands of people. In the coming time, Nano Covax will be implemented in phase 3, phase 1 from the beginning of June 2021 with a ratio of 6: 1 (6 people injecting vaccines, 1 placebo injector). As planned, the second phase will have about 12,000 people who are tested at a ratio of 2: 1 (2 people injecting vaccines, a placebo). According to the representative of Nanogen Company, the clinical assessment of Nano Covax is not inferior and higher, compared to other vaccines around the world. However, the expected selling price of this vaccine is also the lowest in the world, only for VND 120,000 / vaccine. It is expected that nanogen can provide 50 million doses to December 122021 and 100 million doses in 2022, ensuring enough vaccine supply to Vietnam to achieve community immunity in the second quarter of 2022.Covivac Institute of Vaccine and Birth Nha Trang (IVAC) has actively cooperated with a number of universities, research institutes and international organizations for research, production of Covid-19 translation room vaccine based on Newcastle vector vaccine technology (NDV). Vaccine Covivac d

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