What Do Young People Eat In 15 Days Of Distance?

Ho Chi Minh City applies Directive 16, people still get out of shopping houses when needed. Many young people believe that supermarkets, shops are still open, abundant foods, so they don't need to be too worried about.0: 00/5: 08 northern northerns from 0h on July 9, Ho Chi Minh City started to apply measures Prevention and control of Covid-19 translation in the spirit of Directive 16. Restaurants and restaurants will also pause the catering services brought back. From the afternoon of July 7, the people soaked with shopping supermarkets, stalls Fresh, dry food is always in a state of overload

.Zing Quick interview 5 young people living and working in Ho Chi Minh City on how they prepare for 15 days of upcoming ways to relax ._____ Bao Tram, 23 years old, Go District Stumbling on June 9, my inn was blocked by F1 case. We were very confused because it was not yet malled for the coming days
However, the next morning, the volunteer club and officials in the ward brought bananas, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, canned fish, rice , Shrimp noodles come to resupply. Lunch, the inside people can receive vegetarian rice. On the next day, we gradually stabilize the spirit and come back with a daily life, only another is not out. People with self-cooking and ordering on the app to change. Days are blocked, delivering difficult food, I also focused more on cooking, self-preparing your meal. I invested in a large amount of equipment, kitchenware, so it was no longer dependent on the app delivered. Cooking materials, meat, vegetables can be purchased anytime at the supermarket. I used to life, living at home, so when I heard 16 in Ho Chi Minh City, I am not too surprised .____ Linh Linh, 24 years old, Binh Thanh district provides a diet for employees at the office I often cook in the evening. But the situation of complex movements, I received a notice to work at home in the next 15 days
That means that I have to prepare meals in the morning, lunch and dinner. The day without buying vegetables in small stores because I go home late too, I and my roommate decided to visit the supermarket big. Around 18h, the supermarket was not too crowded but the vegetable bar was out of clean, young ribs, pork rolls, American cows ... nor, only seafood and a little canned meat removed. I walked for a while, buying With 600,000 VND, mainly snacks, eggs, milk, some meat, fruit ... if continuing to buy vegetables, the next few days, I will order at home. A friend trading items delivered in the translation season, I just need to list the things to buy is ._____ Kim Khanh, 22 years old, Thu Duc City likes to cook but only or process a simple dishes because of not have time. Normally, I'm busy studying at school and or going to the cafe to enjoy food, drinking water, then take photos and evaluate on social networks. May, the city announces restricting travel, goods The shop only sold. I stay at home more and also have more time to explore, creative new recipes. I often showcase baking about 1-2 weeks / once. For me, the outstanding cake is not only delicious but the form needs beautiful. During the cooking process, I put the phone on the tripod and then turned myself, building a cooking channel of my own. I lived with my family in Ho Chi Minh City so I didn't worry about a lack of tools or cooking materials. When the refrigerator at home is also full of food, even before the disease. My mother went to the supermarket every week, shopping food for the whole family. I'm not too worried when I heard the information continuing 15 days to relax instructions 16 because there was a full preparation. Which yogurt, cereals, meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, nui or even coffee, milk tea ..., my refrigerator is ready to "raise" the whole family ._____ coach, 26 years old, county 12 I have a total of 7 people. The day before, every time we need to cook us to buy raw materials. Nearby, the situation of complex epidemics, fear to places crowded shopping is at risk of cross-contamination, we discuss buying clean food From the acquaintances. I lived in Binh Thanh area, opening a restaurant so there was a cheap source of food resting. This, vegetables, food filled with refrigerators but only enough for 7 users in 3-4 day. I'm still worried about the coming days, do not know what kind of shopping in the form. Then, I read a lot about Directive 16 as well as information stores, supermarkets still open the door and sufficient supply of goods. I think I will buy online and place your home delivery in the future. Want to translate soon, each person needs a little consciousness .____ Van Ha, 26 years old, Thu Duc City lives in a condominium in Thu Duc city with you. In the past, the accommodation was blocked due to NCOV cases, I understood the importance of high-level social relaxation measures in the current complex epidemic situation. More than a week ago, she was worried about placing Poor foods will not be safe to send me to give me pork, chicken, beef, rolls and fresh vegetables ... Up to now, in the refrigerator still quite a lot of cooking materials, enough for the next few days . Under apartments also have a small supermarket, I can access fresh food, canned and the

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