What Does Ho Quynh Huong Say About The New Product Of Tino Students?

The female singer gives praise to the voice with many prospects of Tino.0: 00/2: 13 namsau long-time absent time, singer Tino marks his return in the music market with songs " Going to him ". This is composed by MDA song, with content that revolves around the romance of a guy who has a free soul, soaring but loves deeply a girl. This affection causes him to wait. Even if it can be met in a unique unite, he is still committed

. This song quickly received the attention of the audience from melody, lyrics as well as the association of food Tino and Ngoc Trinh model (4 last singles). Many people spend compliments for the innovation of Tino in this return time and wish that men singer continue to hold the performance in the next music projects. Quynh Huong reserves compliments for Tinotino Share now Since listening to this song, he himself has loved and wishes "to his side" will be the song marking his return in music
According to him, the song brings a gentle melody, the feeling of being suitable for the music he pursued and is also suitable for the voice of male singer. "Because the project is important so I put all my mind Blood, effort throughout the recording process to get the best product. There are times, the revenue is almost completed but I think I can do better should be willing to do it even though it will take a lot of time, effort ", the 9x singer is also in the product Tino's voice received many attention. Many people recognize compared to before, his voice gradually became more complete. According to Tino, it is the result of the cultivation process, training under the guidance of the trainers Thanh Nhac - singer Ho Quynh Huong.For to Tino, Ho Quynh Huong is not only a guide but also a brother's idol not only by the beautiful appearance, professional performance style but also by voice Internal and dedicated to the profession. So, he himself feels lucky to transmit fire and more confidence in his journey. "Go to him" "Ms. Huong has a gentle appearance Feminine but very strict when working together. She instructs me a dedicated way about exploiting voice, professional skills as well as performing techniques, "Tino it i
Thanks to this guidance that men's singer's warm and sweet voice has been developed more so they return this time. In the meantime, Ho Quynh Huong gave a compliment to Tino Tino. The female singer said, Tino possessed a prospect of voice. If hard to study and practice, it will be very advanced in the future.

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