What Does Huawei Say When Dr Web Detects 190 Malicious Apps On Appgallery?

Recently, DR Web security firm has discovered about 190 Android applications on AppGallery infected with malware instamulating malware instamples.0: 00/1: 55 namApPgallery domain is the app store developed by Huawei, providing millions of applications Attractive with a diverse catalog including entertainment, games, shopping, e-wallets, cuisine, travel ... Accordingly, DR Web has discovered the existence of a new Trojan type on 190 applications , this is considered a variant of Cynos malware (android

After users install the application and grant permissions, malware will start working, silently collect pine Personal news including phone numbers, positions, network information, equipment specifications ... and moved to remote servers. According to the report, the current application is contaminated with malware Downloaded at least 9.3 million times. Much of these are games, targeting mainly to children. After detecting problems, DR Web has sent a notice to Huawei and show the infected applications that have been deleted from the app store. Huawei representative said: "AppGallery's integrated security system has quickly identified the potential risk on these applications. We are currently actively working with affected developers to troubleshooting
Protecting network security and user privacy is Huawei's priority. We welcome all third-party supervision and feedback, while continuing to work closely with partners and use Advanced and creative technology to protect user privacy ".huawei has encountered great troubles since the US government does not allow the company to use Google services. Since then, the company has developed its own AppGallery app store with the Petal Search system (support for applications from external sources). Nearly, there is information that Huawei is seeking to license the design Smart hardware for third-party manufacturers. This is considered a solution to "spleify" US sanctions, as well as to minimize the big decline in revenue and market position that the company is currently suffering.

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