What Does Johnny Tri Nguyen’s ‘air Conditioner’ Look Like?

AE.1 is the name of a 3-wheel electric car model who is being Johnny Tri Nguyen to produce a production plan.00: 00/2: 17 years ago here for a few days, actor Johnny Tri Nguyen Dang Download on personal Facebook Pages Photos A motorcycle model has an idea. The car is designed with 3 wheels, including 2 front wheels and a rear wheel. Change with Zing, Johnny Tri Nguyen said the name ae means aggressive evolution

. "This model doesn't have competitors, if so, I bought rather than doing," he shared. The 47-year-old actor had a idea of making AE.1 from about 10 years ago
He embarked on the process of serious outline this car in the last 3 months. Currently, the AE.1 has completed the sketching process and is about to transfer the actual fabrication.So with 3-wheel motorcycles in the market such as Yamaha Nickel, Piaggio MP3 or BRP CAN-AM, AE's design. 1 is more unique with a closed cockpit similar to cars. Johnny Tri Nguyen Sharing can call Happy car he made as a motorcycle with air conditioning. According to the designer of the designer, this 3-wheeled car will use EMRAX 228 electric motor, this engine type is capable of producing Born output 148 horsepower and maximum torque 230 nm. Energy supply for the engine is a 18 kW 450 A.Johnny battery set to Nguyen said it is difficult to speak the time to complete this model, some parts must be imported from Europe to Vietnam. "In the future, I will contact the company that provides components and then predict the time completed
Now everything is too new," the actor added. About the production plan Commercial AE.1, Johnny Tri Nguyen said: "I intend to make a car with an emotional emotions, just that, everything will go into its orbit yourself, without taking anything more attention ". Not only famous for the actor, Johnny Tri Nguyen was known by many people in Vietnam. In 2018, Johnny Tri Nguyen attended the Vietnam Motorbike Congress as a jury member.Nam Hero Blood Actor owns 4 large models of Ducati, from Sportbike as Panigale 899 The Adventure Hypermotard line 821.Johnny Tri Nguyen Sinh in 1974, he was the brother of director Charlie Nguyen. In his career, the Pacific Pornman has been contributing to many famous films such as heroine blood, death kiss, dragon trap ... Vinh Phuc: NVCC

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