What Does Malaysian Experts Say About Post-pandemic Inflation?

According to the Director of Malaysia Market Education Center (CME), the ceiling is not a solution to address the inflationary pressure in the context of basic food items starting the price increase. CAMERLO Ferlito, Director Operating Malaysia Market Education Center (CME) Interview with PV VNA in Malaysia. Photo: Strong Compliance - PV TTXVN in MalaysiaTrong announced on November 24, Dr. Carmelo Ferlito, Director of Malaysia Market Education Center (CME) said that this will only make the situation worse when creating less moves The more force to produce. This family indicates that it is impossible to analyze the Malaysian economic situation without taking into account the current global inflation occurrence when countries, even the US and Germany are noting The highest inflation rate in the past decades

. CME governor said it was necessary to distinguish the two main components in these new inflation trends. Firstly, it is the impact of the "shock" from the supply because the blockade becomes more serious when demand increases with economic recovery, especially in the West. Secondly, the money supply exceeded the output due to the expanded fiscal and currency policies made to face the impact of hard locking policies
Alert although the nature of the type of inflationary pressure The first may be temporary, but the effect of the second type will exist for a long term. With the problem of monetary inflation, Dr. Carmelo argues that it is difficult to successfully respond in the short term to resolve the city Serious and threatening part of this inflation. According to him, raising interest rates only make everything worse because it is necessary to invest and confident to re-balance the supply chain. Suggestions, how to face this fact is the above The whole world embarks on the implementation of programs that cut spending gradually despite not avoiding difficulties. About the "shock" from the supply side, Dr. Carmelo notes two years of operations Enterprises must narrow the scale of operation. Although the scale reduction is easy and fast, it takes more time to expand the scale again, a process that does not only need financial resources, which is first of all in the future. It is recommended to some measures to help the Malaysian Government in particular and countries in general resolving inflationary pressure include stronger propaganda on commitments not to close together with investment for the health system. Next, need Opening the market for foreign workers to reduce labor shortage, especially in the field of food and beverage, tourism, production and agriculture
Added, the implementation Commercial Freedom Agreements, special trade corridors will help Malaysia to ensure that the supply of products is currently in shortage and contribute to pushing agricultural prices. Which governments need to limit intervention and trust in market forces, strengthen beliefs, expectations, labor shifts and T International Huong ./. Strong Compliance (P / v VNA in Kuala Lumpur)

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