What Does Vietnam Say About British Battleships, New Zeland Enters The East Sea?

Vietnam's consistency guidelines are all maritime cooperation activities of countries that need to comply with the Regulations of the United Nations Convention on the 1982 Sea Law. Hmnzs Te Kaha. Photo: New Zealand Defense Force. Report reporter's question Recommended comment on New Zealand's HMNZS TE KAHA battleship has joined the British carrier warfare team to implement the Sea to the East Sea to join the East Large-scale international defense exercise, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Le Thi Thu Hang at the press conference on October 7 stated: "Vietnam's consistent policy is that all maritime cooperation activities of nations Gia needs to comply with the regulations of the United Nations Convention on the 1982 Sea Law (UNCLOS 1982), contributing to the responsibility for the common benefit, in accordance with the aspirations of the nationals of the Legal Law, especially UNCLOS 1982, maintaining peace, stability, security, safety and cooperation in the South China Sea ". Before, on October 6, New Zeland Defense Force (NZDF) issued a release said:" Battleship Te KAHA Navy New Zeland and military partners go through the East Sea on the way to the place where a big exercise will be held

. "Te Kaha will be in parallel with Queen Elizab Carrier His ETH in about a week works in the South China Sea, before joining Bersama Gold 21 exercises off Singapore from October 8 to 16 / 10.Bersama Gold 21 fighting 50 years of agreement to defend 5 countries, including Includes Australia, England, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand./ Hung Cuong / VOV

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