What Does Volkswagen Tiguan L Have To ‘fight’ Hyundai Santafe And Kia Sorento?

After Tiguan Allspace upgraded to launch the international market in May, it's the 'brother' Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 in China. This is considered an opponent of Hyundai Santafe and Kia Sorento. In the Chinese market, the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Middle SUV model is known under the name Tiguan L. After Tiguan Allspace upgraded version of the international market In Last May, it was Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 to unveiled in China. Volkswagen chose Guangdong International Automotive Exhibition - Hong Kong - Macao 2021 currently takes place in Shenzhen city to introduce New Volkswagen Tiguan L SUV model with Chinese customers

. The biggest difference between Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 in China and Tiguan Allspace for foreign markets is the engine. Specifically, this mid-sized SUV model in the billionizen market is equipped with plug-in Hybrid-in-saving plug-in, Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 in China using 4-cylinder gasoline engine, turbocharged, 1.4L capacity, producing a maximum capacity of 150 horsepower
The engine combines with a powerful electric motor 116 horsepower and lithium-ion battery cluster 13 kWh. Meanwhile, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2021 in Europe as well as the United States uses conventional gasoline and diesel engines. Design, Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 for the Chinese market is nothing different from Tiguan Allspace in Europe and America. Therefore, this 7-seater SUV model is also equipped with a new car head with a slender LED headlight cluster. Located between 2 headlights is a larger size grille, with a blue PHEV logo. However, the grille of Tiguan L 2021 does not have a slender LED strip in the middle, connecting Volkswagen's logo, like Tiguan Allspace. Below is a new front bumper with a 2-storey central windscreen and the "C"-shaped border in two corners. Later, the car has a "Tiguan" stamp in the middle of the trunk door, just below the Volkswagen brand logo. In addition, the reflective light strip lasts near the rear bumper and 2 rectangular exhaust pipes. In China market, Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 is equipped with a 17-inch diameter alloy ring, located in the Scorpion tire of Pirelli brand with size 215/65 R17
In the new version, Volkswagen Tiguan l 4,735 mm long, 1.859 mm width, 1.677 mm height and 2.791 mm wheelbase. Thus, Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 is larger than Tiguan Allspace in the international market. In Europe and America, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 2021 has a length of 4,701 mm, a width of 1,839 mm, height of 1.674 mm and the wheelbase 2.787 mm. Inside, Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 has some remarkable changes like the curtain Large-sized touch image of the entertainment system is independently on the backpack, providing a high-tech feeling for this SUV model. In addition it is a new air conditioner door, stretching on the backpack. Even the steering wheel of Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 also applies a new design style. Following the steering wheel is still a digital clock table with the LCD screen as the old version. Below is a touch screen, adjusting the air conditioning system ... Wireless smartphone charger, USB port and 12V electric drive when it, the chair of the 2-color coordinator and accompanied by red stitch contrast. The rear seats will have air-conditioned wind doors and charging ports exclusively for passengers. The following rates can be folded according to the ratio of 4: 2: 4 to increase luggage compartments. The German automaker has not yet announced the price of Volkswagen Tiguan L 2021 in the Chinese market.Video: Volkswagen Tiguan 2022 - High-end safety technology.

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