What Does Xiaomi Say When Lithuania Recommends Not Using Its Smartphone?

One day after Lithuania recommends not to use Xiaomi smartphones because of the user censorship feature, China has been renamed instance instance.02 / 1: 24 men who are watching Xiaomi Mi 9 phones at Congress Barcelona mobile world on February 24, 2019. (Photo: Reuters) On September 22, Xiaomi confirmed that the company did not censor of the user's contact information, a day after the Lithuania Defense Ministry recommended not to use Xiaomi smartphone. Report on September 21 of the Lithuania National Network Security Center said that the censorship feature on MI 10T 5G was turned off for the European Union area, but could turn it back remotely. In The statement sent to Reuters news agency, the Xiaomi spokesman said their device "did not censore contact information to and from users"

. "Xiaomi has never been and will never limited or block any Which behavior of our smartphone users, such as searching, calling, browsing web or using third-party software. Xiaomi fully respects and protects the legal rights of all users ". The Lithuania National Network Security Center also accuses Xiaomi phones to send data to use an encrypted phone for a server at Singapore, against European data regulations
Xiaomi spokesman also denies this. According to the Deputy Minister of Defense Lithuania Margiris Abukevicius, the Ministry shared a report with network security officials in other EU countries and the United States (according to Reuters)

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