What Effect On Automotive Glasses On Automotive Glasses?

The black round dot is a heated ceramic paint and swept up the car glass. Although it is a small detail, the circular dot strip has many effects.0: 00/1: 41 male rounds of black round dots in English called "frit". They are formed from heating ceramic heating and the chemical compounds needed in high temperatures so they cannot be shaved. Protect the glass of automotive glasses from the sun and ultraviolet rays of black round dots made from canopy ceramic can be available The temperature endurance is up to 660 degrees Celsius C

. Without it, the car glass is very easy to crack when moving or parked in the hot sun in the long time. In addition, ultraviolet rays are also easy to make glue Car glass turned out, causing danger to the driver and passengers in the car. Therefore, the black round dot strip is usually mounted in the edge edge of the automobile glass doors
Help the driver is not dazzled when driving in the sky, the sun can affect the driver's eyesight, potentially dangerous . The black round dot strip has the effect of preventing the sun shining straight into the eyes of driving, helping to drive without glare. Guaranteed stability for black circular automobile glasses will create a rougher surface, Help the glue with the windshield with the chassis, keep the glass fixed and close to the car. Also, they also have dust-proof tasks, waterproofing for automotive glasses in the middle of the glass and tire frame. The black round temperature balance also has the effect of balancing temperature for the automobile glass when producing. Specifically, the black round dot strip is used to dispersing the temperature to the whole glass appropriately, helping to avoid phenomena Car glasses are warped during the production process. Labor do you own a poison or super beautiful vehicle? Please share the comments, images of motorbike cars according to email: otoxemay@vietnamnet.vn. The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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