What Happens When Canceling Life Insurance Contracts Before Maturity?

Stopping in the middle of an insurance policy is the absolutely unwanted thing of both participants and insurance companies. However, then the 'anyone suffered from "causing public opinion. VietnamFinance shares Mr. Nguyen Duc Thang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of First Step and Chairman of Binh An Messenger Joint Stock Company and also the president of GAMA in Vietnam related to this issue.0: 00 / 3: 25 nam names illustration

. Long-term social network and newspapers somewhere make readers "wake up" when posting comments of some cases saying: "Prepare a hundred million life insurance premiums, When you cancel the contract, you can get several tens of millions ..
too! Scam! "Besides some negative comments on life insurance, comments also argue that insurance enterprises Life in Vietnam "insert" customers to benefit ..., even someone also requires "internationally" bales?! By sharing this, I would like to provide everyone information about the world , what happens if a person "seems to cancel his life insurance contracts". First, legal law on life insurance in countries (namely the United States, England, Canada, Australia ...) all recognize the right to cancel before Limited to the life insurance policy of the insurance participants (contractors - Policy Owner), after the person has announced in writing to the insurance company about its intention. However, in the case of self Italy canceled ahead of life insurance contract, insurance participants will not be refunded with closed fees (except for Cancellation during consolidation during the 21-day period), but only gets a deposit called is the refund value (Cash Surender Value or the Account Value (depending on the product type, if there is a formation, at the time of canceling the contract). This is the cash values shaped In fact based on fees and time paying customers' fees in the contract
These will grow according to the time when the customer pays for many products and break-bep points (ie the time the total premium has been closed with a refund value / value of the Account Account Copper) of life insurance contracts will be located somewhere in about 2/3 of insurance premiums. It means, if you cancel the contract in advance 2/3 of the payment term, the amount received will be smaller The total premiums have been closed and vice versa, if closed from two-thirds of the paid time limit or more, when canceling the contract, the amount received will be equal to or higher than the total fee. Need to note, if receiving money Insurance compensation or maturity of life insurance contracts, beneficiaries (contracts or persons indicated by the contracts) will not have to pay any taxes. But, if the insurance participants decide to cancel the contract to receive a refund value / contract account value, as the actual cash value at the time of cancellation, the laws require countries to pay Taxes for this money. So, not only in Vietnam, in all countries around the world, all clearly regulate the cancellation of life insurance contracts before maturity, even in countries Paying the tax when receiving this amount of money, when canceling the life insurance contract, the insurance participants have decided on their own: or give up the financial safety protection for the dear family In front of the risks of your lives or abandoning the financial benefits that life insurance contracts will be brought to in the future. Insurance participants have also accepted damage to financial plans If canceled the contract too soon. And this damage occurs not due to the life insurance contract or by the insurance company, but it is due to the decision of the insurance participant. If the insurance participants please don't say "only in Vietnam Men's new life insurance ... ", because in all countries in the world apply such and have clear laws. So, think carefully when participating in life insurance and even moreover when deciding to cancel life insurance contracts before the limit! Nguyen Duc Thang

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