What If Your Eyes Stared At The Sun?

Our eyes are very sensitive when sunlight shines in. Looking long, the object is too bright, your eyes will quickly be fatigue, the feeling of eye pain appears. So what is the reason? 0: 00/1: 55 South Vietnamese when it comes to the sunshine, the dazzling sunlight will affect our eyes. Especially when looking straight directly to the sun we feel the eyes of aches and discomfort. When looking straight directly into the sun, the ultraviolet ray (also known as UV rays, ultraviolet rays) causing eye burns , Effect of cornea, cataract

... The first harm of ultraviolet rays can cause eye burns
Symptoms of the disease are hot-eyed, feeling, itching, dry eyes and constant blinks, blistering tissue type cells. This phenomenon occurs a lot possible to lead to blur, shining, heavier will be blinded. The head we feel ultraviolet light only affects eyelashes and cornea. However, if weigh, UV rays will affect crystalline glass. In addition, the destruction of endothelial cells of the retina will lead to more golden degradation and more eye diseases. Staring at the sun will not be good for the eyes. Photo: Internet.The scientists at the moment you "eyes" with the sun, your eyeball will begin to burn. Specifically, in three types of rays that the sun produces (visible light, infrared and ultraviolet rays), the ultraviolet rays - UV is the most severe influence on the structure of the eye, especially When they are reflected through the surface of the sand, snow or water. The cells in the cornea (the thin layer throughout the outer side of the eye) will burn and bulge, then crack out the impact of the pole Purple, just like human skin when sunlight
Symptoms of this disease are known as the suneratitis (photokeratitis), will often appear a few hours after eye damage by direct sunlight took place. Learly at the sun is very harmful, so term When you go out to the sunshine you can protect your eyes by wearing a hat, a wide-brimmed hat, covering the face, wearing anti-ultraviolet glasses. Also you should also protect your eyes even when it is shady or cloudy Because radiation in sunlight can penetrate the blind clouds to harm us all year round, not only the sunny summer day. Chi (T / H)

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