What Is Messi Waiting For?

The Final Copa America 2021 is an opportunity for Lionel Messi to touch the championship title.02 / 7: 52 South Domain is a goal that can only be described in 2 words "Great US", Argentinian genius Have a ball over the goalkeeper Carlos Lampe to raise the score to 3-0 in the match against Bolivia in the board. A gift Messi gave himself on the 148th anniversary for Argentina, to overcome Javier Mascherano on the number of times the national team shirt and accounted for his own record.Lionel Messi was standing in front of the championship of Copa America with Argentina. Photo: Reuters

. The force for Messi is also the 75th goal that Messi scored for the team, continues to strengthen the best striker history La Albiceleste. From the beginning of the tournament, he deserves the best player when he always becomes inspirational to Argentina to win this match to another match. However, all won't mean anything if you can't bring the team to the championship
In the Argentine's eyes, a great player can only become a hero if he brings About the country of international titles. Mario Kempes with 1978 World Cup is a hero. Diego Maradona with 1986 World Cup is more than that, is the saint. Only Messi has not been able to find a place to find a place worthy of his talent in the heart of the countryside. Beginning since Messi won the first golden ball title, the expectations put on his shoulder in the national team. After every golden ball that Barcelona's striker received, the argentine fans asked him more. They forgotten before Messi came out for the team, immediately for 16 years, La AlbiCelestes could not go Go to the semi-finals of a World Cup. And when he has him, Argentina has played not badly, often in the quarterfinals, even in 2014 went to the final and only failed to lose to the fascinating team before the brilliant sublimation in the extra time. People in Messi's hometown, that's still not enough. In their memories, the divine Maradona brought the Gold Cup team
Messi is also a genius like Maradona, even maintaining a longer peak and a more professional lifestyle, so he must be obliged to lead teammates to the championship. It is the pressure that Messi It suffered in the past 15 years and every after every tournament, it's even more heavy. Now, at the age of 34, he is walking the end of his career and the time and the opportunity is not much. Once once, he stood before the finals, the 5th in his life, and once once the pressure poured on his legs. In the seminar took place just before the Copa America 2021 kicked off, The famous journalist Felipe Rocha said that Argentina's opponent was as follows: "Brazil under the Tite's leader is a sure team, maybe they are not charming but it is difficult to lose the game." The statistics show that Rocha's opinion is completely precise.Messi is doing everything to win with Argentina. Photo: Reuters.Brazil went to the almost perfect way to enter the final. They reached the net of two goals in five matches, and the history was standing towards them when she found the Copa America to win that time. In the past 5 years, the Tite has built the team really effective. He eliminates the cumbersome and on the field, in addition to Neymar, no one is allowed to "exceed the limit" .Brazil focuses on the certainty and strengthening strength, meaning out of trajectory on the traditional thinking of its own surname. With a very young age, most of about 23-28 years old, Brazil is capable of impressing continuously during the match and ending opponents from any position on the field. Brazilian challenge "If yes The team was able to defeat Brazil at this time, which could only be Argentina. They have Messi, the best player in the world ", also Rocha itself comes about the opponent of the home team like that. But Messi is subject to obsession with finally having to win a title and the national team Increasing and increasingly, the desire is greater, along with criticism that he suffers from fans as well as hometown media. Before the finals, Messi posted the status line on social networking sites , where a total of more than 226 million people registered to follow: "It's proud and happy to belong to the team. Another goal has been completed. Thank God for me to continue to enjoy this moment. Let's go to glory together. "It is fully understandable when he has undergone extremely difficult semi-finals when only winning with a penalty shootout. In that match, Messi fought with his strength and blood. After Frank Fabra's kick, his ankle rusted his blood but despite all, he continued to play until the end of the game. Even, Messi also stood out the first penalty kick and ended a way Perfect to create psychological momentum for teammates in the next series. The Aspecified Aspects: "Even if it hurts, Messi still knows how to become the best on the field". The concerns about Messi can

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