What Is The Irony ‘in Ké’ Huong Giang House, How Is Matt Liu Really Rich?

Introduced is a CEO of a company in Singapore but many people still doubt about Matt Liu's property after moving in Villa of Huong Giang.0.0: 00/1: 36 nammatt Liu - Huong Giang domain. As a pair of talented boys - Vietnamese showbiz. From the moment should somaire the person's program is, the two have received attention from the netizens, especially Matt Liu - the handsome young CEO

.Matt Liu and Huong Giang should double by the program Figure showed that both moved together in the village of 1 year of dating, recently Matt Liu officially moved home with Huong Giang in Villa billions. This information makes fans not excited and expected on a wedding in the near future. However, a network of netizens commented in ironically, "Matt Liu Street is a CEO but in a girlfriend's house"
Many commented sarcastically Matt Liu for your home Girls. However, there is still no official information confirming that this villa is the private property of Huong Giang or Matt Liu's "capital contribution". With fans of the couple, this is not so important, because there is no house, Matt Liu's property is also something that many people must admire.Matt Liu is known to be CEO "beautiful outside Boys inside a lot of money. "In anyone's program, Matt Liu Matt Liu impressed both the Advisory Board and the audience by a CEO's work in Singapore. The young CEO has a pleasant to collect super cars, even participating in a speed passionate association. , Matt Liu is very often showing off the pleasant supercar with the check-in image in the golf course - the sport for the upstream. The guy also owns an expensive clock collection from the reputable brands that one may also reach the billions of Dong.Matt Liu bags on the golf course. Maze Expensive watches come from terrible brands like Hublot, Rolex,
.. Clock collection of Matt Liu. In addition, Matt Liu is also known as one of the international project investors There are capital of up to VND 2,000 billion. You also regularly travel, work in many countries and in restaurants, hotels are expensive.Rachel Pham (General)

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