What Is The Key To A Sustainable Love And Sweet Fruit?

The couple of Calendar and Toan Trung Violations, both said their love began to love far away, and this is also one of the difficulties that both face. With the whole century, he said that he wants to be serious with a long love relationship, the most essential is to listen to the same companion and build. Meanwhile, Pham Calends affirmed that the main trust is the key to sustainable love and for sweet fruits.0: 00/3: 31 The largest general southern community of couples is all directed to the family as a sharing schedule , She and the whole center are just a colleague in the profession, who doesn't even care who the enemy is. After a few meetings through close friends, the couple had a chance to talk more

. Until a day, all median asked her to skate. The capital is not known to play, so it comes to falling throughout, and every time it falls, the whole center is standing behind to support, so that both "stick together" after that time has been more than 2 years ago. Early familiarity frequency both meet each other is regularly
However, the form of meeting is online on the phone when both two are required to love far due to geographical return, a person in Hanoi and the rest of Saigon. Despite seeing each other every day but the feeling of distance still existed, especially Pham Calendar. Congratulations on Callasts through the confidences of the Crime, MC Snail Thanh Van asked the dancer How much percent of her people. The calendar of hesitation indicates that the understanding of each other's only like guessing is much. The impression on the opponent that she felt was the succession and listened though sometimes not understanding. Crime sharing she was extremely stubborn, having unhappy to bounce without knowing the reason. Thus, the whole century will often cope so that she can be happy and the space between the two is relieved. Thanh Van's snail evaluates that due to the long love causes a lot of inhibitors. Female dancers also agree with this statement. She assumed that love was beautiful but only on each stage, only when looking far from the future, it was only a great pressure that the couple faced
Incurrenic is safe and liked peacefully, Pham Calendar does not want to extend this loving time so both decisions to arrange jobs to be close to each other. Thanh Van snail evaluates that due to long love caused Let myself commit a serious stage of each other close to each other, the whole calendar and the whole central felt unstable because of "quarreling much". The argument was not necessarily that she said it was just a gap between both when encouraging contradictions and views of the opposite. The whole middle sharing the first thing both used to solve this problem is silent. Silence is not to consider anyone right who is wrong but to realize what the enemy will want to convey. After that, she and I will give a more constructive plan to start the story again. In the couple's life, it does not have too much trouble, but the calendar and the whole middle face faces harsh conflicts In the work. "Although working together, every time it is common, it arises the challenge", the whole lot shook. He feels funny where he separates both to work a lot of energy and smoothly, but every time he done together, it is misleading. In a couple's life, it does not have too much trouble. And the whole middle faces harsh contradictions in the job listen to the story of the couple, MC Thanh Van withdraws a comment: "Love is not good, but it is still better." Because the distance it is true and always exists between both. There are problems that need to face the reality at the same time, just solved, talking over the phone is not enough. So, the problem was deceived aside. If you have the following time, that feeling rushes back, repeatedly makes the more inhibitions. There are many challenges in love, but the calendar and the whole middle have many common points for birth in the same month . The biggest common point of the couple is facing the family. Both are always trying to accomplish everything out of the essential society to have a better and better family life. The whole middle acknowledges that when he and the calendar is close to the common invisible to create a comfortable feeling to be able to show the most realistic personality.

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