What Is The New Generation Mazda Bt-50 So Much In Vietnam?

It is expected that this model will debut Vietnamese consumers in early July, the selling price will also be officially announced on the launch date 9: 00/4: 20 South regions are not only appreciated. Thanks to the constant innovative and innovative spirit, Mazda always strives to bring customers the most choices with a varied product range, full segment. Besides the Sedan and SUV products have made Mazda's name on the market like Mazda3, or Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-8, ..

. Mazda BT-50 is also one of the marked products in The global load segment. Appearance for the first time in 2006, Mazda BT-50 quickly joined the aquatic playground, and became one of the top choices in many countries around the world. Through development generations, this model is always supported in many different uses including street and business thanks to multi-purpose design, bringing high performance with good driving feeling
Mazda BT -50 New generation is about to launch Vietnam market in Vietnam, Mazda BT-50 is highly appreciated by consumers with impressive combinations between performance and high multi-purpose calculation. This is also a seller that is commented by experts in harmony in design, amenities and spacious interior space. Therefore, right after launching Vietnamese customers, this model has made a phenomenon in the pickup segment with strong growth sales over the month and becoming one of the best-selling Japanese sellers in the market Vietnam. To meet the increasing demand of customers for the pickup segment, and supplement the list of Mazda's new generation Mazda models in Vietnam market, Thaco Auto continues to introduce Go to the new generation Mazda BT-50 product market. It is expected that this model will be delivered to customers in July next to.All New Mazda BT-50 located in the 3rd generation of Mazda's new generation in the globe, shared Kodo design language with the range SUV and Sedan products, with the most advanced safety technologies. With the new Mazda BT-50 generation, Japanese engineers have made a revolution with a completely new breakthrough about the design, breaking the conception of 'pickups for goods only carrying goods ". Inspired by high-end SUVs like Mazda CX-5 and Mazda CX-8, All New Mazda BT-50 is a comprehensive 'molting "in both appearance, style, and multipurpose of a comfort The tourist car.All New Mazda BT-50 is considered a comprehensive "molting" screen in both appearance, style, and the use of the comfort of a new generation car, Mazda The mind towards the goal of creating new products with expressive expression that provides emotions for the owner, starting by synchronizing the design style of all Mazda products, even for for Mazda BT-50 pickup line. In it, of course the design language named Kodo plays the most important role
With bold changes at the head and tail, the key elements in the Kodo design language are a combination The impression between the powerful capital of the loading line, but still ensures the versatility of the SUVs - the same style of the elegant, flexible of the popular sedans. "Our car is very interesting when driving , And when the design is aimed at the target, the appearance must show a spirit, a driving passion. We are confident that this is a capable pickup and design vibrating segment, bringing something new and different to consider customers. And one thing is very special, it is also our honor to introduce a completely new pickup customer on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Mazda brand, "said Marissa - ALL project design director -New Mazda BT-50 shared. The car furniture is also "molting" completely compared to most current pickup cars while the car interior is also 'molting' completely compared to most cars Current downloads, tend to serve individuals and more families than freight. All New Mazda BT-50 also appeals to a larger entertainment screen, supporting Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity. The power of Mazda BT-50 new generation is also located in confidence and strengthened Amazing. Many customers around the world evaluate these properties of products, expressed from suspension, chassis and especially in completely new engine blocks. It is known that Mazda engineers have to go through 6 years of study with more than 4 million km testing on both roads and terrain before applying this new engine on All New Mazda BT-50.With in the breakthrough in Design, All New Mazda BT-50 promises to bring Vietnamese customers opportunities to choose class products, quality global standards, and own the latest products like worldwide. forum.autodaily.vn)

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