What Is The “super Power” Of C-net To Pray For You To Try To Do This Once?

Without the title of 'American Female 4000 years', the beauty of the beauty is the 'superpower' to preserve the beauty in all circumstances. Out of the red lips despite the fact that the skin is always white, even in the middle of the dust, 00/1: 32 nam southern countries when watching the film of the daisy, many audiences complain because she is too taken care of for her Figure, always very bold makeup without knowing whether there is a suitable character. Poin the beautiful movie, Tinh Tinh Y plays the role of a boy and always have a white face thanks to the thick chalk, eye brush Mi curved and the lips are red and red. The movie is like Phuong Africa, the character of the Tinh Y daisy is suffering from his relatives, wearing the funeral but the audience just looks into the brilliant red lips as well as the thick chalk mile Her. This image makes "American female 4000 years a" viewed as an actor only attaches great importance to the appearance, doesn't care about the film or his character

. New, a picture in the film of Nam Chi He plays the lead role in makes it misleading. She and her with a rich was filming the scene of running away, seemingly to overcome the dusty windy miles, so the face of the rise, looked clearly, watching the streak of dirt and forehead. In the face of the face Still smooth white without blemishes, lipsticks are not lemed or the hair is not tangled
The situation was almost perfect as if the actress's character did not have to flee and sit still in the house. Not to mention the hand of the victims of injuries, it shows that the journey runs very hard while "Fine Female 4000 years" is not a scratches. The beautiful beautiful and beautiful daisy despite the beautiful situation, despite Netizen Bacon. Many people only hope to "4,000 years of women" have a bad acceptance on the movie but it seems to be too far away.

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