What Is Windows 11 With Windows 10?

Windows 11 launches the first change after six years with many differences with Windows 10 from design to open standard.Windows 11 will be available for free upgrades on this year-end holiday, if the machine Your calculation is configured required. But if you are satisfied, it is still rolling, here are the changes of Windows 11 compared to Windows 10 that you should consider. The new design and interface of Windows 11 Set Start Menu and Taskbar in the middle. Windows 11 provides a completely new interface in Mac style

. It was a bright, neat, round design in the corner and gray. The famous Start menu bar located in this left corner has been transferred between the screen along with the Taskbar bar. Of course, users can switch to the old position as in Windows 10
Access Android applications can download Android applications on Windows 11 computers without using a simulator like BlueStack (which is quite heavy). Closed, now Microsoft is very eager to open Windows 11 for third-party applications. Users can now install Android applications directly (without simulating) from the Amazon AppStore store inside Microsoft Store. Supporting better virtualizationsWindows 11 will let users set the same virtualization screen Mac with conversion capability between desktop screens for work, private, learning or entertainment. Of course Windows 10 can also do this but need users to have a little knowledge of computers. Easy to transfer the screenWindows 11 allows the group of windows back and turn back and forth easily.Windows 11 will add Sung feature is called Snap Groups and Snap Layouts, a set of used user applications, which can shrink or zoom at the same time to facilitate switching between windows. This feature also allows to plug in the screen easily without losing the open window. Added Microsoft TeamMicrosoft integrates straight software Teams online meeting into Windows 11.With the emergence of online meeting software , Not difficult to understand when Microsoft has integrated its software straight into the most important Taskbar on the desktop
In addition, users can meet teams with Macs, Android and iOS.Widgets users can customize widgets with the information they are interested in such as weather, stock, virtual money ... As something that Microsoft experimented a lot to conveniently without taking up too much screen area. In Windows 11 This time, users can directly access Widgets from taskbar and customized according to personal preferences. Voice support, pen and sensor with tablet computer, Microsoft wants to improve the touch experience by coming Retrofit icons (icons) for reasonable and increase sensor levels. Windows 11 also adds a pen feature with vibration capabilities and voice commands. The Xbox game does not need to buy a Xbox game machine, Windows 11 users can find certain features of the machine. This console is like Auto HDR (automatic light strip) and DirectStorage (download game faster) when playing PC games. This is a significant advance of Microsoft in the combination of Windows and Xbox. Windows 10 scoring scoring scores on the desktop is better, but note that the new Windows 11 is only in the trial version. Most importantly that many people wonder if the computer will be faster or slower with Windows 11. All have answers with performance measurement software (benchmark). As a result, a better laptop performance on PC in the current Windows 11 version. Of course, Microsoft will have a lot of work to do before launching the Windows 11 version complete, expected for free release At the end of this year or may be earlier. Nguyen Nguyen (according to CNET)

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