What Kind Of Strange Mushroom Is Making The City Housewives ‘cruel Fever’ What Mushroom?

Sea mushrooms are being gathered by many people who are ordered to buy recently to make dishes because they are quite new.0: 00/2: 16 years ago recently, a food called sea mushrooms sold overflow Lan on the market, attracting consumers' interests by quite strange shape. "Sea mushrooms often have fresh taste, salty of the sea. Mushrooms are often quite big, outer shells are dark brown, inside white. Mushroom trees are usually about 4-8cm high, large mushroom caps

. On the mushroom surface, many white striped stripes are quite prominent ", an advertising seller. Actually, sea mushrooms have appeared in the big city A few years now, however are quite new, many people don't know. Even if you first listen to the name, many people will think immediately to a mushroom growing in the sea, but it is actually a familiar seafood of fishermen
Duong, shop owner Regional region with addresses at Hoang Van Thai (Hanoi) said on Vietnamese people, sea mushrooms are essentially valanced by the squid, not plant mushrooms growing under the sea. Normally, this dish only appears in the menu of restaurants, at least appear at seafood stores. However, recently, there are many people who asked to buy this food so I entered the sale. This seafood at the seafood, the sea, salty, crispy, sweet and fragrant Of the squid, it is very suitable for making drinks like salads, grilled or to dip hotpot. Seagulls have a stretched skin outside black brown, the meat inside white. Mushrooms are naturally exploited, all year round, but the sea, storms, difficult exploitation, output will be less. After catching up, sea mushrooms are preliminaryly preliminary and granted the provinces, so it still ensures freshness. Before processing, just squeeze a bit of salt and then wash over, then Thai, eat marinated Add some extra oil and process stir-fry with basil, bell peppers or blue blon, ..
depending on your preferences. The dishes from the most popular sea mushrooms are soups, stir-fried with cinnamon leaves, stir-fried with garlic butter, stir-fried with chili, grilled or cooked or cooked for beans. Depending on the number of purchases. Meanwhile, at shops selling seafood and clean food, this price is many times higher. Currently a 3-domain specialty site is based in Hanoi currently selling this item for VND 110,000 / 200g, equivalent to 550,000 VND / kg. (Family and society)

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