What Little Knows Behind The Loudspeakers In The Episodes

Between the 'Covid-19' orbs, the old ward speakers suddenly 'revived' becoming an effective tool in the prevention of epidemics, helping people access information quickly the fastest. The speaker cluster has been strongly promoting its localities, because in addition to the general anti-epidemic requirements for the whole country, the ward speakers also reported the day-time sampling of the households, the ward's injection time or urgent notice If F0 moves in the area ... However, few pay attention to the voices behind the ward speaker

. Every day, the speaker readers are still constantly moving between studios with room closing points, translation controls and vaccination points. They are also the caller to ask for a healthy health in residents in the area. Grinding and handling people's reflections and handling thousands of other unnamed heads
In the public repelling the common enemy named Covid-19, these broadcasters are an important link. However, behind the enthusiasm and that positive energy also has tears, great confidences and motivation to help them steady every day ./. Minh Anh - Hoang Dat - Lam Phan (Vietnam)

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