What Makes My Child Take High School Graduation Exam?

After a 'low point' shock in the last high school graduation exam, my son had many strange manifestations. I don't know how to talk to me, let me know that my parents are very worried about.0: 00/4: 00 nam nuoc Minh Dear mind! After a "low point" shock in the good exam Last high school, my son had many strange expressions. I don't know how to talk to you, let me know that my parents are very worried. Seeing the face of the nose was always sad, emaciated, feeling like to avoid everyone, eating and finishing it to the closing room all day

. This time is right at the tense epidemic, I don't encourage you to go out to play or go home with your grandparents. I don't blame the boy, like it understands that. My son is a pretty good child, often helping her parents cook rice, wash dishes and look children
Not joking with me as much as I was jealous of me. So it was enough to understand, it was a sentiment and quite psychological. A few years of level 3 schools, subclasses are not reminded by teachers, often complimenting hard, trying. So when I received the results of the slip, not just parents and even the teacher was also surprised. I wonder if I was not expected to be wrong, because of the truth, from the young people was a nimble child , Emotion and quite good at calculate. At Level 1, the child often won a high prize in the district-level competitions, the city level made her parents very proud. Where to go, my husband shows off her children and believes that he will achieve many other achievements at all levels. But perhaps, it was the belief and the expectation made the child with a lot of pressure. Yet At that time, my husband also punished it for 1 month without going out or out of the house. Every time I saw my face even suggesting difficult questions
I disagree with the way of doing the commune. Know that Dad is very sad and wishes the child to enter a specialized school, the choice class, but the sadest person when going to the exam, certainly not him. After that, we signed up for me to study at the right level 3.Step at the level 3 school, my child's school was always kept at a fairness of the class, no longer outstanding like Level 1, 2. My husband seemed sad, because he always believed that he studied better than him, she should always stand the top of the class. He many times forced their children to register for exam preparation classes to study, while the bigger he likes to draw. Despite explaining and talking to her husband many times, he still holds a view: "Is it easy to get out of money? These words don't know if I heard it, because we just said in the room, but my husband said loudly, if I knew, I would be very sad. But even if this test score was really very bad. I don't understand why a pretty student does not complete the exam enough points to graduate. I want to talk to you to find out the problem but only get the silence. Now only the path of school and the following year. 1 year slowly did not say anything, because this life was very long with me. However, I couldn't encourage me if I just wanted to be alone and continued silence. My husband was also regretful, he wanted to open his heart and talked to him more. If this situation continues to last, I worry that I will have a psychological disease, even foolish actions. Mom should intervene early. Parents can write a letter talking about their hearts and quietly put in the sub-room, the bedside, under the pillow ... or any place certainly notice. Parents don't hurry to say or do anything, just gently approach, confide in understanding what your child is feeling. Now what makes your child not to learn anymore. Is sleeping well? Does often dream nightmares? Doesn't feel scared? Parents feel what might have done better for children? Then shared with me about the future, 1 year of school without saying anything and does not affect success if you always want to try and rise. If your child loves painting, you can learn paintings and exams in art schools. If you want to learn something, my parents will support and always next to your child. Hope hope I will feel the unconditional love of your parents and spirits will gradually grow and recognize themselves What to do

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