What Makes The 2000-year-old Remains In Italy Still Intact Hair?

A remains with white hair and a remain intact was discovered in the ancient Roman city Pompeii, southern Italy. The grave was said to have decades before Pompeii city was destroyed by Vesuvius mountain erupted by 79th in 79th.00: 00/4: 02 Southern archaeologists said this is "one The best preserved remains ever found in this ancient city. " They added that this is not normal because adults who have passed away are often credited in the Roman times. At that period, only children were buried after death

. The researchers are working to learn more about the man in the grave, but the first step they identified this person named Marcus Venerius Secundio, died at 60 Age and quite rich. He was a slave that looked after the temple worshiping the female defense but strives to be released, and then reaches a certain social and economic status. It is known that the researchers play Show the name of Marcus Venerius SecUndio also in the wax table wax of Cecilius Giocondus, who has an apartment is almost intact in Via Vesuvio, Pompeii
Besides, the massive loddog of the grave and beer signed at the newly discovered grave proved the rich position of the owner. Cha Master of Marcus Venerius Secundio at the grave in the graveyard Porta Sarno, the ancient city of Pompei Letters on Beer signed that after freedom, Marcus's work Venerius Secundio in the city is organizing greek performances, not Latin, one thing that makes researchers surprise. Pompeii Archaeological Park Director, Gabriel Zuchtriegel, said: "Greek performances are held as evidence of the vivid and open cultural atmosphere of the ancient Pompeii city". Ancient is also learning, why the hair and a part of Marcus Venerius Secundio are still intact. They said that there are signs that this character has been embalming. Along with that, the characteristics of the distilled place between the remains, including a closed room, facilitating it to be preserved in a better condition. Llorenc Alapont class comes from the University of Valencia, said: " We still need to understand whether the decisent of decisions is caused by deliberately or not. The analysis of fabrics found here can provide more information, because there are some textile fabrics as often used to embalm ". The rest of the remains and organic substances found in the grave was shipped to a laboratory to further study the short silver hair of the person in the grave still quite intact. What happened With Pompeii? The eruption of Vesuvius Mountain in 79 after Pompyi has wiped Pompeii, leaving most of the buried city in the ash
Vesuvius, located in the southwestern coast of Italy, is the only volcanic activity in the European continent and about 15 km from Pompeii. Vesuvius is said to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. The recorded documents showed that Vesuvius's eruption created Pyrolastic clouds. This is a mixture of hot toxic gas and volcanic material formed when erosion columns collapsed, releasing volcanic ash and spreading quickly to the neighborhood with huge speed. The pyrolastic line can plunge at a speed of up to 700 km / h and reach the temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius, and this is the reason why the entire Pompeii people are buried very quickly after the volcanic eruption.Pompeii is located near Vesuvius should have suffered a horrifying disaster when the volcano erupted in 79 after the famous Roman Roman Poetment Paius Plinus Caecilius Secundus (known more through the name Piny Young) watched the carpet The painting occurs remotely and the letters describe what he sees was found in the 16th century. "A column of smoke like a volcanic tree and quickly made the town around it became black After night ", Piny's notes wrote. It was when Pyrolastic clouds poured down Pompeii, permanently buried this ancient city. According to the researchers, about 2,000 people were killed at Pompeii. It was only discovered about 1000 bodies since this move was started to be excavated in the middle of the 19th century. Due to death to horrifying speed, many of the bodies were made into plaster mummy, with Yuan shape at the moment they were buried.

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