What Opportunities For Books To Say?

Manh Nha appeared in Vietnam for more than a dozen years ago but it was time to recently, the type of audio book (Audio Book) began to have strong developments to win its own market share in the publishing market. . And when the restrictions on reading and technology, technology, the sense of compliance with copyright ..

. are still barriers even with traditional print books, whether books say easily become a breakthrough to approach With readers quickly - much - good - cheap as expected? The monthly people have a conversation with Nguyen Canh Binh (photo), Alpha Books Director on this issue. First, what can you say about the trend of developing books in our country? Evolution of books is always associated with the development periods of human civilization - as well as of science and technology - to be more and more diverse and meet different needs. As we still say fun together, books 0
0 engraved on bamboo and donated leather cards, 30 times, write on paper, 1.0 printed on paper, 3.0 printed on the screen (e-book) and time 4.0 will be tri Expressions are shown in the form of sound - images, including books. Now, compared to previous radio newsletters or programs, books are becoming more popular and accessible thanks to technology . We have multiple speaking channels, many applications / platforms to choose from to use at any time. In addition to having additional backgrounds of background music, noise or both attached images and videos, which also attaches the development with a very fast speed of artificial wisdom (AI). Vietnam is following the general trend of the world. We are consuming goods service goods of the world as well as using new technology achievements invented and leading humanity. Therefore, there is no reason for books to speak in Vietnam to go against the flow that is in that common trend
A few years ago, when traveling to the United States and when talking to large publishers, I heard them identified that the growth rate of the book market was much higher than the paper book market. I believe, Vietnam will also be like that in the near future. In the future, the use of technological applications to read books only take place in the past few years and also mainly only in young people, while we have There are traditionally reading paper books for nearly two centuries. The advantages of books that say compared to paper books are enough to attract Vietnamese readers / audiences, according to him? Books say there are many advantages compared to paper books, when the author can easily convey information and Messages and content directly through the voice. This is like a language that is always in writing in any civilization. Its disadvantages are users who are easily booked by sound listening, instead of stopping to think, imagine what both read as with paper books. But in a modern social rhythm with increasingly raw rhythms, the books say will thrive by fast and convenient access to information, when people can listen to it while sitting on the car, exercise, Working on houses, walking ... In fact, books are currently in stages of initial development, so we only hear Audio Book issued by the manufacturer, through a specific voice. The book technology says it is not good enough to help us enjoy any passage you want, instead hear from the beginning or find it to listen. But with the momentum of the storm of technology, I believe these problems will be handled very quickly in the future. The term, soon, we can comfortably choose Hue voice, Hanoi voice, Southern voice or child voice, female voice, male voice or even our own voice - for a book content. We can interact to ask the reading machine any segment that wants to hear without necessarily selecting from the beginning of each chapter. Then when automatic translation technology is developed, most likely in the future, users use online translation services to hear books from English or a language ... Currently, Vietnam It has only appeared two books of books that are copyrighted with a professional organization of Voiz FM and Fonos. Affordable, for years, the publishing units are still reserved and are afraid to enter this new field? Yes, for more than decades, applications and forms of books Copyright, because personal reading and uploading YouTube or on some other channels are very popular. In Vietnam, the issue of copyright protection has not been valued as other development countries, so the few companies dare to invest in the early stages. Along with the characteristics of a small market and are not familiar with paying when using the service and books in Vietnam slow growth is understandable. But the current disease crisis is making reading instead Change basically, when the ability to circulate and transport paper books becomes more difficult. Coincidentally, the publication is also entering the digital conversion phase. Those are the premise to push books to develop according to the inevitable trend of the world - when young people are getting more and more

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