What Shocking Berlin’s Boundary Boundary?

The Berlin wall is a famous cold war symbol, which is the boundary separating the majority and west of Berlin city. This special symbol witnesses the special event, hiding many secrets in the heart of Germany for a while. Berlin wall, the boundary separates the majority and west of the city in the cold war, with a length up to More than 140 km. Before the Berlin wall was built, the Berlin people on both sides can walk freely to go to work, shop, go to theaters and theaters. However, after the Berlin wall finished , Freedom travel from East Berlin to West Berlin is impossible

. People can only do that when passing one of three control stations: Alpha Station in Helmstedt, Bravo Station in Dreilinden and Charlie Station in Friedrichstrasse, Berlin Capital Center. After the Berlin wall in East Germany is a strip Soft sand (to show footprints), headlights are always shining, dogs .
. In particular, the guards are allowed to shoot those who fled when trying to overcome the wall. About 5,000 people tried to cross the Berlin wall Leaving the other side despite facing many dangers. According to the estimated, from 1961 - 1989, more than 5,000 East Germans surpassed the Berlin wall by jumping from the building window near the wall, climbing over Barbed wire, flying by hot air balloon, cow through sewers ... One of the ways to overcome the boundary of successful walls Attention is the use of tanks. Specifically, in 1963, an East German soldier took a tank and drove it through the opening part of the Berlin wall. Although many people cross the successful boundary but there are about 136 - more than 200 people Leaving the network when trying to overcome the boundary between East and West Berlin. The Berlin wall was lifted on November 9, 1989 when the leader of the Social Workers Party agreed to rule the right to announce the people who could cross the border Whenever they want
do, on the night of November 9, the Berlin people poured towards the celebration wall and spilled through the control stations that were previously guarded, strictly checked. Watch videos: Berlin capital is brilliant for Christmas and New Year (Source: VCT14) Tam (according to FS)

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