What Should Do To Cure Acne Quickly

Skin care properly helps acne notes quickly disappear, limit the risk of leaving ording or scarring.0: 00/3: 12 Southern men for acne quickly disappearing, there are things to do and should not do to reduce Inflammation, according to Glamor. Acne healing properly also contributes to glut knowing after acne quickly, while preventing acne scars. Overview of dietary habits can affect the production of sebum, conditioning hormones and inflammation. Loading many foods with high Glycemic Index such as white bread, chips, pasta, ready-made food, blood sugar tends to increase rapidly

. The amount of blood sugar increases suddenly leads to increasing inflammation, causing skin more oil. This is one of the causes of acne formation. Name to use food with low gi index such as whole starch, brown rice, whole grains
They are rich in fiber that slows down the increase in blood sugar after meals. Feeding a lot of refined sugars in sweets, soda, sugar-containing drinks. Dining and living also affects health lane skin. Photo: Agemanagementmed, good housekeeping.If of acne, stress will make it worse. Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner in New York, USA said: "Stress causes the body to produce over some hormones like cortisol. These hormones stimulate excessive sebaceous glands. Oil production This clogging the pores ". According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, helping the body calm, avoid stress will reduce the amount of cortisol hormones
He recommended to sleep enough to keep cortisol at a low level. Don't touch the face throughout the day, we touch a lot of objects such as door handles, money, toilet sprays, food ... These objects contain many potential bacteria and allergens. When constantly touching the face, you will transfer dirt and bacteria from your hands to your face. From there, resulting in pores, forming acne. Don't like the defects on the skin, such as acne, which you tend to poke, squeeze or mold them. This adversely affects the skin protection fence. At that time, the bacteria, toxic substances from the environment are more likely to penetrate and cause a minimalist skin. Moisturizing, exfoliation and sun protection. Use the cleanser to create a lot of foam. Facial cleanser should be used as a gentle cleaning feeling, do not make the skin stretched, irritating after washing. It is recommended to search for sensitive skin wash products, with low pH. Skin care cosmetics are designed for acne skin, sensitive skin. Photo: Outfit trends.da acne also needs to be moisturizing and full sun protection. Moisturizing helps to restore skin protection fences, maintain the necessary moisture to healthier skin. On the other hand, if you use acne treatment creams, moisturize before because acne treatment cream can cause dry skin. Select a moisturizer containing some ingredients to help acne such as salicylic acid, extract Export cheeks, fish lettuce. In addition, glycerin and hyaluronic acid are very good to keep water for the skin without causing acne. The sunscreen helps prevent the attack of UV rays, protecting the skin and preventing hybrid after acne (or physical ) Suitable for acne or sensitive skin. These sunscreen cases are usually prepared with titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide aims not to irritate or burn hot component information on sunscreen packaging. Avoid sunscreen containing oil, aromatherapy because they are not good for acne skin. Select sunscreen with slight texture, gel or liquid form. Sunscreen products that create blurred backgrounds will help you avoid oil balls in the middle of noon. Why are you susceptible to acne? Some daily routines can cause acne, affect your appearance.

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