What Should I Keep A Dishwasher?

Almost washing machines have the same washing programs. The outstanding difference is located in the origin of the product and durability of the machine.Theo recorded by PV traffic newspaper, in recent years, the number of people who buy dishwashers is increasing. However, in most major electronics supermarkets in Hanoi, it has been selling these models. For use purpose, customers can decide to choose for their family to match the dishwasher brand Popularity like Hafele, Uber, Bosch, Teka, LVF, Eurosun, Electrolux

... mostly sold in specialized furniture stores such as Eurocook, South England kitchen, imported kitchen world, Eurosun
.. segments The price ranges from the lowest level of nearly 10 - over 30 million VND. Cousin, the series around VND 10 million is usually a mini dishwasher. This series does not have a bowl drying function, only hot steaming helps quickly dry and bactericidal. Machine suitable for family 2-3 people or families with small kitchen space. From 15-20 million VND is usually dishwasher with independent or negative features. Height, wide, worm respectively about 845x600x600mm, the number of compartments containing about 12 sets of dishes. This series has a full range of drying, steaming and germicidal features. This is also the most selected series of machines
Over VND 30 million is usually a dishwasher to upgrade the washing program 2-3 times. With multiple washing modes, the number of compartments contains about 13-14 sets of dishes. For families with many guests and regularly diet. Hanh Nguyen Toan Consultants at Eurocook Kitchen Equipment Supermarket (Ngoc Khanh Branch, Hanoi) said, the characteristics of dishwashers Unlike other electronic lines. The previous year products do not have many differences compared to the following year, the selection of machines according to production year or machine life is not a smart choice. "Almost machines Washing dishes all have the same washing programs. The outstanding difference is located in the product origins and durability of the machine. Moreover, also depends on the accompanying accessories and storage capacity to choose ", Mr. Toan said. Nguyen My Ha (Lang Ha, Dong Da) A person who is using a dishwasher said, finding The type of dishwasher is suitable for the kitchen and the price segment is also noteworthy. Because when buying use, accompanying costs include: cleaning hygiene solution, glossy water, washers ... also add monthly costs ... Minh Hien

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