What Should Vietnam Futsal Need To Do To Defeat Panama In The World Cup?

Recruiting Futsal Panama will be the goal for Vietnam to accumulate points to find opportunities for tickets to the 16th team in the World Cup 2021.0: 00/4: 30 Namkhi Leaves to lift Futsal Vietnam to fall into Table D Brazil, Czech Republic and Panama, representative experts from Concacaf will be the main rival of teachers of Coach Minh Giang. This is a qualified team commensurate with Vietnam Futsal Recruitment. Futsal Vietnam is ranked 43th, Panana is 6 steps. This distance is not too big

. Coach Minh Giang ever shared with Zing: "We will play determination, defending in front of Brazil and Czech Republic because it is too different. For rivals than Panama, we will play hands." This statement shows that Vietnam Futsal recruitment is consistent with Panama's confrontation
In the past, recruiting Futsal Vietnam and Panama had never met. The best achievement of the 2 teams in the World Cup are in the first round of 1 / 8.Perez (middle) as the experienced player of Panama. He once confronted Brazil in the World Cup 2012. Photo: FIFA. Panama Futsal has a journey to the World Cup longer than Vietnam, but is softer. In the Futsal Concacaf Championship, 4 teams entered the semifinals will win the World Cup ticket. In the table stage, Futsal Panama is easily won the first place to meet 2 weaker opponents than Suriname (69th in the world) and Mexico ( Class 57 in the world). Going to the quarterfinals meeting Canada (class 50 in the world), Panama won the shootout after 2 teams 1-1. Teacher Game Coach Jose Botana has a ticket to the World Cup Finals 2021
In the semi-finals and 3rd class match, recruiting Futsal Panama to receive defeat against Costa Rica, Guatemala with the score 1-3, 2-3 (later Extra time). If it is forced to compare to assess the strength between Vietnam and Panama, we can be confident in beneficial results for teachers of Minh Giang coach. At the 2016 World Cup, recruiting Futsal Vietnam once defeated Guatemala 4-2 in the table stage. Panama's remarkable factor is Ala Carlos Perez. In the Futsal Concacaf Championship, he is the owner of the title of the scorer with 8 goals. Recruiting Futsal Vietnam needs to be wary of this player. Perez also contributed to the Futsal Panama team to attend the 2012 World Cup. Interesting factor in the Futsal Panama team is Alfonso Maquensi. He used to be the Panama beach player attending the World Cup. In Futsal, Alfonso plays ALA position and is also a key factor that helps Panama to win the World Cup 2021. So Maquensi can create improvised balls before recruiting Futsal Vietnam. Panam There are also a training in Europe to prepare for the World Cup. They received 2 failures 3-4 and 0-3 against Morocco (Futsal Champion Africa), winning Pinerola (Attending Club for Slovakia) with a score of 10-2, before being beaten by Slovakia 1-3 The final friendship match. The common number of Futsal Vietnam and Panama is Morocco. The teacher of Coach Minh Giang also relates with Morocco on Lithuania's land and recognizes the failure of the 1-2 button. . ConcacaF representative reveals weaknesses after this confrontation. They have many situations of pressing and revealing gaps in the home field. The Czech Republic exploits this opening with long shadows behind the Panama defensive players. Three of Panama's 5 goals take place under this scenario. Ch Czech has handled a very good and finished step. Panama's ball deployment is not too good. The Czech Republic evered a match for the opponent when the score was 4-0, but Panama did not create a significant opportunity. Their single goal was recorded at the end of the game and was a bit lucky. Italy and teammates need to limit personal mistakes to win Panama. Photo: VFF. Panama Futsal is an opponent that Vietnam can beat. The teachers of Coach Minh Giang had time played in the defeat in Brazil, but also needed to improve the gameplay. "Before Panama, recruiting Futsal Vietnam still need to play defensive defense. Besides, the players needed People are more alert, do not rush to close to the bhikithm pivo and through people easily. In addition, the training committee needs to raise the spirit for the players to make mistakes in the match against Brazil. We have played It's okay and can do better. If improving, I think we can defeat Panama ", Pham Thanh Dat, former Futsal Vietnamese players, shared with Zing. In 2013, he scored a goal for a 3-2 victory to Vietnam in front of Brazil.In then, coach Miguel Rodrigo said: "Recruiting Futsal Vietnam needs to play more bravely. You have the opportunity to win, but need Entering the initiative, Pressing is more drastic than Panama ". The Futsal Vietnam and Panama will take place at 22:00 on September 16 (Hanoi Time) .Highlights Futsal World Cup 2021: Vietnam lost to Brazil 1-9 Teacher teacher Pham Minh Giang loses 1-9 in the battle to launch in Table D Futsal World Cup 2021 dawn 14 / 9.Then Khang

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