What To Do For A High-rise Border Area?

Read the series 'Poor to surround the high-level border area' in the NNVN newspaper of the Mathematics Group of Mathematics Nguyen - Cong Hai, we see too far away from 9: 00/5: 04 Southern regional chestnuts can help people escape poor. Illustration. The country has completely freeed more than 45 years and still there are still difficult areas. Uncle Ho teaches: must strive for people to eat rice, shirt wear .

.. but here there is no rice to eat but only eat corn. Right corn is not enough, every year still lacks hunger for up to 2 months
.. this makes us sorry. This responsibility belongs to whom? No reason, the lives of the relatives here will continue to make it difficult for a few dozen years more? This is high. How many areas do I have? The National Assembly should statistics and raise the truth. Since then, we must have specific solutions to overcome this situation. For a long time, ministries, industries still have topics and projects for those difficult mountainous areas. Many projects are finished well. However, there are no less unsatisfactory projects. The report is good but when the project is withdrawal, the people are complete, the people are still hungry and miserable
The review of the schemes should do carefully. The responsibility of the agency providing funds must be very large. If the result is not good, the supply unit must take the main responsibility! Doing so will end the victims "Please - give" through recognition, friends, fellow countrymen ... and disastrous implicit agreements. The state has spent a lot of money, it must be commensurate. This, hoping the National Assembly supervise and steering thoroughly. How do these difficult areas will be gradually changed. Definitely to find ways to help people convert production. This is now, the movement took a quick science and technology to produce is being carried out. The application of high technology, 4.0 technology is expanded everywhere. Many areas have seen. Rurals transform every day ... However, in difficult places like a high-rise border area, the first is to find ways to convert production objects to relatives. Choose for people to cultivate any tree, what is the top problem before it comes to high technical science. Illustration. I remember, when Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung (At that time, the Chairman of the National Assembly) gave us to help the relatives in Truong Ha commune (where History of History), we chose a way Do your own. First of all, we have to find any production objects that "fast eat" so that they have early income soon. Puck is a tourist destination, every day there are thousands of people visiting. So the relatives here to buy fruits from China for sale. So we picked up 3 types of "fast eating" plants, apple, guava and bananas. Each house is chosen a tree and is granted 20 seedlings. After only 1 year, all three plants are for income. Although people do not have true techniques, poor fertilization but the first step has been collected. We delivered the technique to continue to help people cultivate to achieve higher results. We also bring industrial chicken farming for people. Dabaco Group has helped the commune of 2,000 chicken breeds. Chicken is divided by 20 households for farming. After only 3 months, the relatives were collected. Whoever is also praised as a fast fast and delicious chicken. However, they eat all and sell it all! How much money is sure to spend all for drinking! Nobody retains capital to re-herd! This is also a lesson that we have to pay attention to helping people with the highlands. Hescue in a high-rise border area while drying and cold. Putting any tree here is a difficult problem. In our opinion, we should think about forest trees, especially multi-acting forest trees. We know, forest trees tolerance are better than agricultural crops. We think, we can choose one of the most prospective plants for this area such as filling, retirement, large nuts, nuts, honey, building, ... and also. Of course, trees Need water. Therefore, seeking to lead water to this area is a key issue. In Ha Giang, scientists have a way to get water sources. So, can I get the water? We should invest for units that can do this. It is considering that it is one of the key tasks. Also, the local medicinal plants are available to restore and organize a large production for relatives. This needs the participation of businesses. We should invest for businesses! They will choose scientific units to cooperate and organize for producers. Enterprises will take care of purchasing and processing and consumption. The role of businesses is very important. The problem is how to make businesses feel and salty with work ... about livestock, in addition to farming to self-sufficiency, self-level, we should choose to give people to the objects suitable to this region and have developed Large production. In addition to buffaloes, cows, pigs and chickens, we should pay attention to sheep, horses, goats, rabbits and whole ostriches. What species will stand here? This should be delivered to Chu units

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