What To Do When The Car Is Consumed Abnormally Fuel?

The driver needs to lend the reasons for cars that suffer from abnormal fuel consumption to promptly overcome the car more durable than instance.02 / 2: 04 South in that, the most typical and fast routine Due to folding braking. The use of a car is not too difficult by taking care of the car to be as long as new. The driver's habit of drivers is one of the main factors that makes the engine to minimize fuel consumption. Familiarizing reconstitution and unexpectedly folding braking often causes unsafe when participating in traffic, and also Make a rewinding ring that works unstablely, causing fuel losses

. Therefore, in the driving journey, the driver should keep the gas pedal, avoiding increasing and reducing the speed suddenly to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. Threads will also cause fuel loss for cars too Worn will also cause fuel loss for vehicles. One of the other habits also makes the engine to increase the fuel that is too tires
The fact that the tire is too worn or low tire pressure will increase the friction area between wheels and road surfaces, thus creating a large resistance that causes the engine to consume more fuel when operating. The car often thinks that restarting the engine will cost gasoline while exploding for about 2-3 minutes. However, the models of production in the last 5 years have been applied to modern gasoline injection technology, so it will spray a very small amount of gasoline to restart. If stopping the car in time From 2 to 3 minutes or more, the driver should shutdown. Meanwhile, every minute let the car explode to the car will help the car get a distance of 1 km. This explains why hybrid hybrid vehicles turn off the gasoline engine when stopping, even in a very short period of time. If stopping the car for 2 to 3 minutes or more, the driver should turn off, an integer The other person seems to have no effect on the car but it is the reason for contributing to car fuel consumption. Specifically, it is common to turn off the air conditioner, lower the glass door to get the external wind when moving to save fuel. Or as simple as the rearing of the car in front of them will make the files continuously use the brake foot and pedal the gas, so it will cause the fuel consumption engine in front of the front, the front of the car Just dangerous and drain fuel. In particular, the vehicle maintenance process is not correct is that it is inevitable for the engine to go down
Therefore, changing the oil oil, the hygiene of the engine air filter and some other parts of the vehicle are used more durable. By Thu Ha, 5 hours ago

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