What Will Samsung Be When Prince Lee Lee Jae-yong Released Prison?

The investors are pleased by the Samsung prince event to be imprisoned before the term of 9: 00/1: 26 Southern region of Lee Jae-yong, who was dubbed the Samsung prince bowed the public later When amazingly expressed the past, a future was expected to be expected in the front. Analysis suggested that after imprisonment, Lee Jae-yong will return to the power chair with decisions It is a breakthrough for Samsung.Samsung who owns the power as a "tycoon" in the field of technology. It is the strength of memory chip, top smartphone, screen and electric car battery (EV). Samsung prince will certainly make decisions to increase this strength of this key cylinder columns to continue to increase Enhance competitiveness, dominate the global market

. Not too hard to see Samsung focused on investing in memory of memory chip production as well as casting chip fields. The reason is that the demand is increasing with high-performance chips for unmanned vehicle fields, 5g, artificial intelligence. Earlier, Samsung also announced a US chip casting plant with a value of $ 17 billion
With the phone, Samsung continued to seek remarkable measures to stand out in the context of China's phone rising .Samsung can do this because there is another strong thing that is money. According to analysts, Samsung is holding 200 trillion won, equivalent to 170 billion USD. This money is excessive for Samsung Prince to make important decisions, even merger deals in the field Technology field to target higher profitable investments.

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