What’s Mysterious Under The ‘hell Well’ Million Years Old Just Explored In Yemen?

After thousands of years surrounded by supernatural creepy stories, the mysteries of barhout wells are called 'hell wells' in Yemen, have been cleared. The creepy rumors are near the Oman border, insulating Sanaa 1,300km, a 30m huge hole in the desert belongs to Al-Mahra province, Eastern Yemen associated with creepy leges, attributed to the indigenous people called "hell wells". Local people see it Like a horrible and shunned place. Because no one dared to go to the bottom of the well, it was rumored that the well was about 100-250m. "Hell well" in Yemen was said to have aged millions of years

. Photo: AFP. Local folk banyanization says, it was created as a prison for demons, which was strengthened by odor rising from the bottom of the well. In June, Yemen officials told AFP, they Do not know what the bottom of the mysterious well is estimated to have millions of years old, and said they have never hit the bottom of the well
Located between the desert desert in Al-Mahra province, Eastern Yemen .. . Photo: AFP .... close to the Oman border. Source: Dailymail. Director of Mahra Geological Survey and Mineral Resources, Salah Babhair, said that, to clear the speculation need a serious study
"It's very deep, we have never touched Go to this well bottom, because there are very few oxygen and not ventilated. We explore this area and go down to the well, but only to a depth of 50-60m. We noticed strange things inside. We also smell something very strange ... really very mysterious. ", Mr. Babhair said. OCET explorer team prepares the discovery of" hell well ". Photo cut from the video, source: AFP. The rumored span, sunlight does not shed into the bottom of the well. The filmmakers look forward to close-up scenes inside the well said, they are almost unable It is now, while the locals believe, what approaches the mouth can be sucked by it. "Hell" is about 30m wide. Photo cut from the video, source: AFP.qua centuries, transmitted stories about the evil characters are called jinns or live genes in the well, which some people consider hell gate. Many courageous local residents are also confused when visiting mysterious holes, or even talking about it, for fear of suffering from deep holes that follow legends, it threatens to life on earth. Procedons of September 15, the Oman Cave Explorer Group (Ocet) made an expedition to "hell well", which was supposed to be the first to go to the bottom of the legendary well.Theo information From the ocet group, 'hell well' has a circle, 30m wide, about 112m deep. OCET is supposed to be the first to the bottom of the "hell well". Photo cut from the video, source: AFP. Below the bottom of the well, the Ocet explorer group found snakes, dead animals and a piece of pearls, but absolutely no supernatural signs. "There are snakes, but they Will not bother you unless you bother them. ", Professor, cave explorer and geologist at German University of Technology in Oman, Mohammed Al-Kindi, revealed with AFP. Really only deep About 112m, not 'endless "as people thought. Photo: AFP.Kindi is among 8 experienced seniority adventurers who have just made a hell expedition." I am the last person to go down is also The last one goes out of the bottom of the well. We spent about six hours there. ", Geologist said; stressed, what they found nothing unusual and all 8 people did not feel affected Of any curse.When down to the middle of noon, people really see that sunlight still shows down to the bottom of the well. Photo: ocet / afp. "They said water from hell well is worth Fear, but all we see is pure freshwater on it. We even drank the bottom of the well and had nothing to happen to us! ", Mr. Kindi shared. Water under the clear well is not as scary as rumors. Photo cut from the video, source : Thundernetonal. Use survey equipment and gas detectors, Kindi and the team found that the falls of a normal oxygen concentration and no toxic gases, there are things that are very solid. "They reproduce In an environment without enemies eating them, it is normal. "The bottom of the well shows nothing to see the supernatural, unusual. Photo: OCET / AFP. One of the periods The most surprising and surprising on the bottom of the wells that the group sees that the bright gems are sparkling under the clear water layer, according to the geological house, the calcium carbonate residue formed in the process of water falling for thousands of years. Geology house, there is no sign of people's penetration at the bottom of the well, although many brave Yemen and some scientific explorers claim to have gone Down the well. Piercing through many geological floors. Photo: OCET / AFP.Kindi Hope, with an expedition to the bottom of the "Hell Well" with the findings of the group can erase some creepy rumors around these

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