When Does The Covid-19 Pandemic End?

The whole world is waiting for the end of the Covid-19 crisis but the end of this pandemic does not necessarily synonyms with the end of the number of new cases instance instance.0: 00/4: 26 Southern Southern translation Covid- 19 How will it end? In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that Covid-19 was a global pandemic when the number of cases was increasing in countries. As of September 12, 2021, Covid-19 translation causes more than 225 million people with and more than 4.6 million deaths in the world.Theo WHO, pandemic will be announced to end when "the spread of Covid-19 translation worldwide stops "

. pictor Illustration: Getty" About how this pandemic will end, whether it will end like a flu epidemic with small outbreaks or will be a cold Usually where it becomes endemic (endemic): we don't know. We don't know how the spread of SARS-COV-2 virus will happen. A lot of things will depend on the onions Our collective dynamics as well as potential tools, including vaccines, "WHO said with Newsweek
Enthesis of a pandemic is based on the spread of viruses worldwide. This pandemic is the same. It may end but there will still be new Covid-19 cases. In a perspective, Covid-19 can be taken into control in a certain area but in other areas yet. At that time, it becomes an epidemic instead of a pandemic. If that happens, WHO emphasizes, we still need to be cautious in controlling virus because it is still very contagious at risk of rebellion into a pandemic. The world has lost the ability to erase Covid-19 " From the beginning, "said Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, the Technical Team Leader of WHO Emergency Disease Department said. Scientists and medical professionals also argue that Covid-19 will become endemic disease, meaning that the virus will never disappear and continue to spread. With some people, faceability Covid-19 features become part of life that makes them more tired and feels hopeless
However, WHO said that when a disease virus becomes endemic disease, we will no longer witness the level of death and the number of serious diseases such as thanks to the appropriate tools and treatments, so Gender can control and live with endemic diseases. The plan to react with Pandemic Covid-19 Some Americans are feeling depressed about the current epidemic situation when the number of cases increases with the amount of vaccines available. There are in this country. The majority of hospitalizations are those who have not been vaccinated even though there are some breakthrough cases in people who have injected vaccines. American Vivek Murthy's total recently judged with Politico that America's success in this epidemic Should be measured with the phrase "without cases". Instead, it should be considered "There are very few hospitalizations and deaths". Although the world may be missing the opportunity to erase the Covid-19 but WHO van Kerkhove experts emphasize we need to take advantage of us Maximize your ability to reduce the infection rate. Ms. Van Kerkhove also shows WHO's reaction plan, which calls for extensive testing and supervision as well as vaccinations and implements measures to reduce risks such as restrictions on public places And posing the travel requirements. Spanish Flu in 1918, the most deadly pandemic of the 20th century, ended when there was no enough person to infect the virus and overwhelm in residential communities. again. However, the price to pay is the life of at least 50 million people and about 1/3 of the world's population has sick, Time said. Covid-19 is less killed than Spanish and number Case to achieve community immunity can reduce the vaccine. Therefore, vaccinations can become the key to pandemic termination because it reduces the possibility of a person with disease and spread viruses. In addition, WHO also promotes a global vaccination campaign, not in some individual countries. Van Kerkhove has emphasized on September 8 that some countries with high vaccination rates are Falling into the "fake security feeling" and the lack of vaccines in other areas can extend pandemic when the virus continues to spread as well as the new variations. An anti-vaccine variant and spread out Areas with high vaccination rates also raise concerns for medical officials about the prospect of a pandemic that never ends. The General Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhnom Ghebreyesus warns, no one is safe until the whole world is safe, and calls for a strong increase in vaccines in collection countries Low import.Who also said that Pandemic Covid-19 will continue to still "spread worldwide", and affirms global unity plays an important role in the present time. /Thieu Anh / VOV.vn (translation) by: Newsweek

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