When The Dragon Fish Fever Swept Through The World

Asian arowanas, a species of creatures in the list of threatened creatures, is expensive items in Asia and are gradually popular in Europe, America, with each child to buy and sell for thousands Dollars. Who knows that earlier arishories only act as food supplements for meals in poor families. So where does this fish become a symbol of class and such a position? From the meal of the Ngheotrong a faint morning of February 2017, the US Federal Security Officer approached a Toyota car White Corolla is parking in Orange County, California. Fireworks in my hand, they cautiously approached the car. In the driver's seat was Shawn Lee, a 29-year-old man with the tongue pulling down

. When the force attached to the glass door, they saw Lee hugging a large plastic bag. Inside this bag is the goal that the authorities have to organize the capture. It was not a heroin cake, a smuggled gun or dirty money
"What's in the bag?", A person in the team to arrest the question. "Fish", Lee replied. But that's not fish Normally. The bag containing 8 dragon fish is very strong. These are also the most expensive aquariums in the world. However, before becoming a high-end item, the arowana has a cigheading past Amazing. For centuries, Asian arowana has no value other than a food for the poor. Low-income families will catch this fish from rivers with black water, or the Swamp in Southeast Asia to bring about improving meals. Dragon fruit often attracts great color thanks to vibrant colors. AFP Photo of some markets in Malaysia, Dragon fish are not the goods traded sold a lot
Many people entert animals in the aquarium in the world then, this is not like fish they crave, or easily recognize if they meet in real life. Then in 1975, everything suddenly forgive y exchange. When the familiar living environment of arowanas, wetlands, reduced area, the number of species also decreases rapidly. Not long after that, the International Convention on trading of dangerous dynamic, wild plants (CITES) was paralyzed in Asian dragons into the group of threatened organisms. This move means arowana becomes banned in commercial transactions. But according to Emily Voigt expert, who spent nearly a decade of watching Asian arowanas when writing her book The title "The Dragon Behind The Glass" (the dragon is behind the glass), the effects obtained from the move have gone against what people desire. "Thinking that arowana is a rare species that caused a rare creature Application, "she shared with The Hustle." And it turned the Arowana to become a luxury item with a limited number of ". Sharing with a new situation, the smuggling hands in Malaysia started bringing Arowana Asia to Taiwan Island (China). From here, Arowana goes to Japan and is favored by Yakuza members. In an effort to fight smuggling activities, since 1989, CITES has allowed farmers in Southeast Asia to raise, exploit and sell arowanas Asia. The logic of the move is that a lot of arowanas that appear on the market will push the price down, making them a few people who crave. But again, the obtaining impact was not as desired. Thanks to decades since CITES allowed to raise and sell arowanas, hundreds of fish farms have appeared in Indonesia, Malaysia. Meanwhile, arowanas are almost extinct in addition to nature. Today's day, the world's largest dragon fish market is located in China. Called the arowana due to the long-term body covered with sparkling scales, as well as the personality is quite aggressive, this fish is preferred by people who believe they bring a weapon, helping to protect the owner. "Arowana As a mysterious species and people believe they are able to protect farmers, helping them make precise business decisions, "said Voigt for The Hustle." It is thought that arowanas can bring Of wealth and prosperity. There have even appeared dragon fish stories to jump off the tanks to warn the employer about the meaning of the coming ". To reward for bringing luck and rich , the owner will not regret when taking care of arowanas. Many "cosmetic surgery" services for arowanas have appeared and the owners want their fish to be beautiful "the second most" is always willing to spend number Money equivalent to 90 USD to fix the fish for fish changes under fish mouth (60 USD) or editing fishtail (60 USD). These activities will make the arowana farming in the farm in Asia It can become an extremely luxury item, serving a global market worth about 200 million USD per year. The book "The Dragon Behind The Glass" of Emily Voogt talks about farming and selling arowanas . Photo AFP ... to the item "Thousand dollars" in the middle of the 1980s, an Indonesian entrepreneur made in the printing industry named Tris Tanoto gave up and bought 12 arowanas for $ 170. Thanks to the help of friends, he bought a page

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