When The Emperor China Glacier Must Be Several Months Until A Few Years Later Be Buried, But What If The Decomposed Entrance Is?

Few people know, the ancient people have applied a glass process to help the emperor of the emperor difficult to be rotten.0: 00/2: 40 namnghi in the burial in China can be considered a special culture Inherited from thousands of years ago, divided into 2 stages of "funeral" and "burial ceremony". In the past, people were not burying their loved ones immediately after died, but often putting houses in the house a few days, this time was called. For the royal late, the time of burying before burial longer than ordinary people. In case the loss is the emperor, after the end of the time, their coffin has not been buried and continues to be Arriving at the supply, keeping here from a few months to several years

. As long as, the thunder emperor of the bar, his Linh's Linhu was cruel for 25 days. After that, his body was taken to the supply, placed here for 2 years of 2 months of being buried. Synonymously, after the Thuan Tri Emperor died, it took nearly 2 and a half years to be buried
Other bar emperors also fell into the same case, only a few were buried a few months After losing. So the problem here is an older who is afraid of decaying ordinary problems without being buried right or not? Want to answer this question, we first need to grasp the prospect of the funeral of the royal family. Photo illustration. The funeral mode at the bar is for example, this period, the funeral of the Emperor Called "holidays", managed by the Ceremony and the coating. First of all, when the Emperor is about to bleed, the funeral in charge of the funeral (called nude and irritation) will prepare water with water with a needle, white wine made from black sticky rice and many other precious cereals . Wait until Thai Medicine announced the Emperor was truly died, nude and unhuman will immediately bathe the emperor of the Emperor with a lot of water, then apply white wine. This is the process of inhibiting the development of microorganisms, preventing body rot, called "Exercise", meaning bathing for the body. After completing this process, the emperor will be Wear the subtle outfit layers and put it in the linh. Inside Linh Cuu has been added some anti-rotting flavors, charcoal, etc. During the emperor's time, the emperor's Linh is placed on a bandage bed, underneath this bed is cold stones, Small tape array
They will constantly be added to keep the temperature at the lowest possible level. Thus, around the Emperor's Linh's place is also surrounded by stacked flowers (curtains). Between the flexible and floral layers, there are also some kinds of plant ash, charcoal, ... for the purpose of reducing moisture in the air. Can see, anti-rotting methods from Chinese feudal Any ancient times are not simple and no one is worried about the crushed emperor's body before officially buried. Even if there is really rotting, the aromatherapy layer and the stack of flowers have also prevented the smelling very well, hard who can recognize .Theo Thuy Linh / Law

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