When The Wife Gives Birth, Her Husband Goes Sooner, The Weekend Loses No One Who Knows And Secretly Is Opened In The Day With Guests

Now there is a child, so ordinary husband can go to work, at home at home with children but not. He always went to play with you, walking it all day <: 00/3: 50 nam southern men met the good man, the sister women can rely in a lifetime. Rich riches are not equal to people who know sympathy, taking care. Now that many people can be comfortable, happy with the life by behind them, the husband has a lot of a lot of marriage. The perfect marriage of couples stick together many years a wife shared the story about My strange husband

. Accordingly, the couple loves each other for 6 years, 25 years old, on the flower car to the same house. They love each other, all the years of attachment, the wife has never asked her husband anything. Both of the two tried, striving for a better life
It must be said that they have been attached from the days of white hands "the house of 2 children is not rich, so they have to borrow money on both sides, and continue in Hanoi but stay hired. Vehicles, each one to go to work. My car is my parents who leave, the car will also go almost a ten years, "said the wife. Writing is posted. The wife is currently born in a child, so it has to stay at Cham home, get the basic salary scanty. Her husband also stayed home with his wife for 1 week and had to continue working. Family life struggled heavily on her husband's shoulder, all overwhelmed, when the couple did not have a baby, her husband also knew. The monthly salary he gave her all, just handed 100 thousand a day. He squeezed his spending, only drinking ice tea outside and lunch, breakfast dinner tried to stay at home with his wife. "He also few festivals, La Ca, gathered to play, eating because he was afraid of it At that time, he was also elected, he said he saved money to take care of the two mother children, "she was proud of remembering
It was true that it was revealed during someone who came to visit but since after his wife gave birth, The change of the husband made her extremely insecure. Every day she went to work late. She called or texted, he licked it to lick that the work of surface. Previously, the weekend was the couple to gather together. Now there is a child, so ordinary husband can go to work, at home at home with children but not. He always went to play with you, walking there all day. Meanwhile, his wife just gave birth to a child, only her grandmother herself, she was very close to her body. He even thought of other bad things and suffered, suspiciously alone. "I am blaming you very much, why do I give you a change again, go all day, refused to get back to my wife Child. Until the end of the week, the company he had some of his brothers and sisters to play, asking him to give birth, for less gifts. I want to ask if he always asked what he had done at the bottom of the week. Bao to go out with you, I just explained: 'My husband is not done before, get back soon but my husband receives more people's jobs to do more. At the end of the week, I went to the company, but I went on the day she could see every one of my husband to work. "Illustration. company like that. Many people also added that it shows up the company, he only turns on the fan, too hot, drinking cool ice is done. The husband was too worried about his wife and children, so he decided to create his own secrets like that. The wife continued: "People have finished speaking, I understand it, when everyone goes back, I asked Answer: 'I'm afraid I think you are struggling so I don't say'.Nghĩ I love my husband, from the old days he was so, it was no different, always trying to him for me. Yet I missed to him again. "The actions and ways of the husband are completely understandable. He knew the way to take care of, wanted to let his wife and children be more secure. However, it accidentally caused a wife who was born in doubt, confusing and worried. This is also a big lesson for husbands. Postpartum women are easily anxious and thinking many things, stressed with psychology changes. Therefore, no matter what to do, you should talk to your wife. Don't let them think and lead to bad predictions.

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