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Promoting the role of shocks of youth, recent years, many union members, Thanh Nien Quang Trach district strives to participate in economic development, volunteer activities for the community. Their achievements and contributions have contributed significantly to the successful implementation of local socio-economic development objectives. Social activities "I was born in a poor farmer family, Through the hard life, polar so I understand the difficulties of the poor encounter. Therefore, when growing up and has a stable life, I always cherish plan to do something to help the situation more difficult than me. In 2018, I decided to mobilize some friends to establish a scenic volunteer Association

. After establishment, many cases of dangerous diseases, particularly difficult circumstances ..
have been calling for help with help ", Mr. Do Khac Bon (SN 1985), President of Volunteer Association Duong (Quang Trach) confided. Initially established, the Volunteer Association of Canh Duong commune has only a few participants, however, with spreading from meaningful volunteer activities, after more than 3 years, up to now, The association had 27 members. Although each member has different circumstances, it works to raise funds to help with less lucky circumstances. For activities of operating and supporting difficult cases, monthly, he called on each member to donate the amount of VND 50,000. 2020, Mr. Do Khac Bon and the Association of Volunteers Canh Duong has called for a total Amount of VND 700 million to support people with flooding and difficult circumstances. Besides, every year, the Association tries to implement 2 volunteers to mountainous areas to help people, organize Mid-Autumn Festival, give gifts to difficult circumstances. Not just a good leader At the enthusiasm, in economic development, Mr. Bon is also a dynamic union, dare to think dare to do it
"I came from my country in Bac Giang. In 2008, after graduating from Pharmacy College, I did not return to my hometown and followed my wife in Quang Binh. Whether learning medicine, I don't have a charm with this profession. After making a business in his wife in Cape Duong commune, I made a chef for the wedding party restaurant. Doing for a while, there is a little capital in hand, in 2012, I decided to invest in opening a separate restaurant, but in 2013, suffered heavy damage due to storms. In 2016, I continued to reopen the restaurant. The time has no Covid-19 disease, profit from restaurant business is about 300 million VND / year. Currently, I am trying to maintain a restaurant overcome difficulties in the epidemic season ". British general farm of River Danh for profit of 250 million / year. Economic development force in 2018, Cao Song Sinh born in 1988, in the commune Quang Phuong is one of the typical Catholic union members of Quang Trach district to be progressed by the province to celebrate the advanced youth to follow Uncle.nh said, on big holidays, he called on union members in the village Hanging flags, cleaning the village of the village village. History of history in 2020, he called for members to participate in relocating and protecting assets for households in the village. For disadvantaged households, He also called the union members to support helping funds. The achievements in the delegation activities, Mr. Nanh is also known as a Catholic union who is a good economy. Share: "Graduated Grade 12 , I attend a maritime school. After finishing, I worked on the ships. Due to the characteristics of the work, it must be long on the sea so I remember the land. So I decided to leave this job and started learning a building. But after finishing and worked for a while, realizing that the construction is also quite precarious, the income could not decide how much I decided to return to my hometown, I was near my parents and relatives "For my hometown, from the family's small farm model, he embarked on renovating and expanding the model of raising wild boars. However, due to unavengited experiences, he was seriously damaged, Feeding 10 pigs died due to the disease. Do not give up the intention to do the economy, he continues to go to Dong Nai and finds farms who are working and studying more experience. It is about 2 years, he returns The countryside re-establishes the farm and continues to buy breeding pigs. He said: "That incense does not have a disease and is priced. From 2 sows and 10 pigs, I have grown into the fort Large. Currently, in a farm area of more than 1 ha, I raise 20 wild pigs and 20 white pigs; 1 fish pond with 1,000 carpels and lots of chickens, chicks. Also, I also planted more fruit trees, Like: breast milk, litchi, orange, grapefruit ... ". With efforts after long-term economic development, now, his farm annually revenues profit of 250 million dong. Hanh Truong Minh Tuan, Secretary of Doan Quang Trach district: "Doan Khac Bon and Cao River Danh is 2 of the typical union members of the district in implementing the movement of economic development and participating in social activities. In social activities, they are always active and full of volunteer movements and local team activities. In the economic sector, they are members d

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