When There Is No Cry, The Woman Will Be Minded To Let Go!

Without crying synonymously with letting go, don't cry synonymously with nothing to eat. The woman who cried was to be saved. Once there was no tears to solve the problem, they would be minded from 12:00 to 2: 28 South Vietnam, she stood in front of him to compensate for the speaker, tears flowed long. She blames you just worry about work, don't care about your mother's mother. I was sick and she was alone

. It is said that he said it was an important job that did not give up. The lady cried, everything could save it - Illustration: Internet has just cried and asked, "The job is more important than your mother?". He silently hugged her into comfort, sorry and promised to change
That time she cried a lot. Crying, in my heart, it was relieved to be more relieved with the part and healed with him. Next year, she doubted him adultery. At that time, she cried, crying in front of him and cried wet pillow every night. I'm tired of seeing that tears of her tears should no longer bother it. Once they no longer use tears to solve the problem, means breaking - Illustration: Internet is tired , I will remain silent to remain coal. Just as he thought, she didn't cry anymore and for years back here, she didn't bother. The pain in the heart is big, there is a severe husband with the harsh words, she doesn't fall any tears. You have something too heartbroken or difficult, they will cry Go to your heart. Weak capital, women choose this way to show suffering is also understandable
Just afraid of someday, they didn't cry anymore but only casually smiled coldly. It meant that the breakdown. She will no longer cry when it felt enough coldness - Photo illustration: Internet Female when great will never take tears in front of men. Will never waste your tears in exchange for someone's pity. The tears of women are very precious, just falling because they deserve it. Just fall when they feel the gratitude for that person is still full. Female cried when she felt a body or was treated badly. Especially when that action comes from the person they loves most. Then they will cry to reclaim fair to themselves. But once they are no longer crying, meaning love is over. Women's eyes are what men are most afraid. But when there was no more tears, men felt a hundred times more scared. Because you will not be able to know when your woman will leave, don't know when she will choose to let go. The female no longer cries, meaning that in their hearts have a violent underground wave. Leaving it for a day, that wave will be outbreaking and rolling things that are no longer worthy. So if it has long been a long time, she will cry, men should prepare for psychology. When women no longer want to weak in front of men, they will automatically know who is strong and don't need anyone anymore. Once no longer want to waste tears for a person, the woman will become great and choose how to leave .Theo Phunavasuckhoe

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