Where Are The World’s 10 Worlds In The World In 2021?

Recently, a Danish culinary center in Copenhagen's crush was awarded the world's most interesting 'interesting' Time Out of the world in 2021. According to a survey of more than 27,000 thousand toxic Fake all over the world of this prestigious magazine, Copenhagen's Nørrebro neighborhood ranked in the first place with a high-rated community spirit. The world 'in the world was the world in 2021, Nørrebrocarocaroline McGinn, General Border Time Out's global episode said 'Global Pandemic has greatly impacted cities as well as tourism and hotel services. But every place in this list has a private story about how they wide together and find a way to adapt to the new life '. Monday on this list is Andersonville neighborhood in Chicago, USA

. It is famous for being a green environment and society with everyone, including the LGBTQ community. Andersonville Street in Chicago, America while, Jongno 3 - Historical Station in Seoul capital Quoc stood in a third place.Leith in Edinburgh, Scotland was previously an industrial park of the city
It is famous for its breakthrough creative ideas as well as a series of impressive restaurants. Located in the top 5 is the art station area of Vilnius, in Lithuania is praised by Time Out is 'paradise' of street art and stylish bars. The sustainable sustainability is Time Out appreciated not only by the The exquisite blend of new and old things but also because of recent community initiatives, which must mention the 'non-smoke-free Sunday' program or interactive art exhibition called USYNGLIGE STIER ( The invisible road). The Denmark capital recently recognized as the "safest 'city in the world, according to the Safety Cities (SCI) of Economist Intelligence Unit. While this city's Noma restaurant is also named in the list of the best restaurants in the world.Copenhagen is the safest city in the world in 2021 Ms McGinn, with Time Out Sustainability is an important factor Leading during the ratings: The neighborhood is located in the number two Andersonville, Chicago, the United States is praised for the environmentally friendly fertilizer program Clark Free Composts, while wrong in Hong Kong (No. 9 (Zero-Waste) or environmental organization or environmental organization 'Friends of Sai Kung'. The survey of Time Out this time has emphasized the different effects that pandemic epidemics Enjoy cities but have a constant invariant that is' locality 'in each area.' People amused in their neighborhoods are also dependent on to earn a living, participating in the Activities of community and social activities will arise love from here 'McGinn said. Corner Hotel is the place where live live music nights Colored OUT also emphasizes the destinations such as Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne (No
10) to Graine D'OR Cafe in Ngor, Dakar (No. 8) is the 'soul of the cities '.' Deep community awake "Thomas Spelling, co-founder of Nørrebro coffee shop and Rondo Bread Shop, It is considered one of the individual conscious individuals. The community is the highlight of Nørrebro 'and that is part of the attraction of Nørrebro when the business units have a close relationship with the residential life' spelling reply CNN Travel.Nørrebro is full of multi form as well as adventure. The conscious of profound community is one of the factors that contribute to the constant development of the entire area.Top 10 most amazing neighborhoods in 2021 according to Time Out1. Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark2. Andersonville, Chicago, My3. Jongno 3-Ga, Seoul, South Korea4. Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland5. Station District, Vilnius, Lithuania6. Chelsea, New York, USA7. Xi, Budapest, Hungary8. Ngor, Dakar, Senegal9. Sai Kung, Hong Kong10. Richmond, Melbourne, Australia (According to CNN)

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